It is a charming metropolis that offers you and also your companions numerous fun attractions to explore and many breathtaking beaches that are only a couple of minute away.

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When you want to go on a much-needed vacation, whereby you have the right to spend the work lazing on a pristine shoreline and doing numerous activities in the cerulean sea, over there is nothing far better than the beaches close to Gainesville.

So, wait no an ext and obtain ready because that an unforgettable getaway by check this list of the finest beaches near Gainesville, FL, the I decided just for you.

1. Crescent coast — St. Augustine


6930 A1A SouthCrescent Beach, FL, 32080(904) 209-0752

Crescent Beach is among the prettiest beaches close to Gainesville, featuring hard-packed sand, backdrops that lush greenery, and also captivating s views.

Why us Recommend This Beach

Crescent coast is a well-known coastline and also the perfect destination for your following day trip.

Here, you have the right to do many tasks as you create brand-new memories v your take trip buddies, such as boogie boarding, surfing, enjoy it an oceanfront cycle ride, playing sandy volleyball, throw a frisbee around, boating, sunbathing, and also much more.

It additionally conveniently features amenities favor lifeguards during peak seasons, picnic tables where you can eat her meals away from the sand, and also easily available showers and also restrooms.

Expert Tip

You have the right to enjoy horseback riding and on-beach steering in Crescent Beach. However, you have to secure a permit prior to your visit and also then salary a fee.

Recommended Hotel: Beacher’s Lodge

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2. Jacksonville coast — Jacksonville Beach


601 1st St SJacksonville Beach, FL 32250(904) 247-6100

Jacksonville beach is a stunning beach extending for miles. It is a favorite of families because of its countless family-friendly amenities, surrounding attractions, and clean shorelines.

Why we Recommend This Beach

Although there aren’t countless beaches in Gainesville to take your loved ones, there are tons of coastlines near that that carry out the perfect escape, favor Jacksonville Beach.

At this beach near Gainesville, you deserve to have a be sure time doing many activities. Prefer sunbathing, going because that a leisurely swim, grilling hot dogs or juicy burgers, to teach your children how come fish in ~ the pier, helping your small ones make sculptures out of the sand, and also so lot more.

Expert Tip

If you space traveling with someone who has a physics disability, Jacksonville Beach provides beach wheelchairs because that rent. Every you need to do is questioning the lifeguards because that assistance.

Recommended Hotel: One s Resort & Spa – Atlantic Beach

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3. Neptune beach — Neptune Beach


Strand StNeptune Beach, FL 32266

Neptune beach rests top top the shores that the north Atlantic Ocean. It uses you one of the finest beach vacations indigenous Gainesville through its powdery white sand, azure water, and numerous fun possibilities.

Why us Recommend This Beach

Enjoy your weekend beach trips from Gainesville in ~ the beautiful Neptune Beach. Neptune coast is a terrific choice if you’re trying to find nice beaches where you can bond v your companions and also enjoy spending quality time together.

Have a terrific time law many tasks together, prefer surfing, collection pretty seashells, burying each other in the sand, and also working on your tan. That is also quieter and an ext tranquil 보다 most coastlines in the area as it does not welcome overly large crowds.

It is the best beach for swimming due to the fact that it seldom welcomes large waves, over there are many alert lifeguards prepared to assist at all times, and the water is clear and also not murky.

Expert Tip

Before heading home, you need to visit Adventure Landing for a more entertaining vacation. This tourist hotspot, i m sorry is a only 9-minute drive away, offers you a plethora of fun attractions, favor an arcade, a laser sign arena, a go-kart track, a miniature golf course, and also more.

Recommended Hotel: Hampton Inn Oceanfront Jacksonville Beach

4. Amelia Island State Park coast — Jacksonville Beach


State road A1AJacksonville, FL 32226(904) 251-2320

Amelia Island State Park beach is enchanting, supplying you a serene atmosphere where you have the right to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and the sound of nature approximately you.

Why we Recommend This Beach

Although there aren’t plenty of lake beaches adjacent Gainesville, there room many terrific coastlines nearby for friend to reap the ultimate vacation, choose Amelia Island State Park Beach.

Amelia Island State Park Beach, discovered in a 200-acre park, supplies you miles of undeveloped coast to enjoy many recreational activities, favor shelling, fishing, coast driving, observing sea turtles the come ashore, and also more.

This breathtaking coastline features plenty of amenities, like large parking spaces, a bait and tackle shop, ADA accessible facilities, and many the end showers. It likewise has a rental facility where you have the right to rent items choose kayaks and canoes for a little fee.

Expert Tip

Kelly Seahorse Ranch is a famous attraction in ~ Amelia Island State Park Beach. At the ranch, friend can book horse-guided tours of the beach because that a an ext unforgettable experience.

Recommended Hotel: Amelia Hotel in ~ the Beach

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5. Flagler coast — Flagler Beach


S s Shore BlvdFlagler Beach, FL 32136

Flagler coast is the nearest coast spot from Gainesville, simply a little more than a one and a half hour drive. This sun-kissed coast is among the ideal beaches near Gainesville, FL, supplying you the perfect mix of sun, sand, and also sea.

Why us Recommend This Beach

Enjoy the many magnificent fast beach getaways native Gainesville in ~ Flagler Beach. This beach stretches for miles and features powdery, soft sand.

It is the safest beach because that kids since the regional officials carefully monitor the water conditions, and there are numerous professionally trained lifeguards patrolling the area. Its powdery coast is also reasonably flat, and also there are no tiny rocks that can hurt her children’s feet.

Sit back and relax together you spend some much-needed bonding time through your family and also friends. You can do tasks together like, sitting under the roaring flames of a bonfire, swim in the glimmering water, do towering sandcastles, fishing, and so much more.

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Expert Tip

Did you accidentally forget something? concern not, because there is a shop by the Flagler coast Fishing Pier selling and also renting a broad array the items. Such as bait, coast toys, chairs, food, beverages, umbrellas, and also souvenirs.