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cajole, coax, soft-soap, blandish, wheedle typical to influence or guide by pleasing words or actions. Cajole suggests the deliberate usage of flattery to persuade in the challenge of reluctance or reasonable objections. cajoled him right into cheating top top the final exam coax suggests gentle and also persistent native or actions employed to develop a wanted effect. coaxed the cat the end of the tree soft-soap describes using smooth and somewhat insincere talk usually for an individual gain. political leaders soft-soaping eligible voters blandish implies a much more open desire to victory a person over by effusive praise and affectionate actions. legislators blandished with guarantees of support wheedle suggests more strongly 보다 cajole the use of seductive appeal or artful words in persuading. hucksters wheedling her life"s savings out of her

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Wheedle come Up often in Literature

Wheedle has been a component of the English lexicon because the mid-17th century, though nobody is quite sure how the word do its means into English. (It has been argued that the term may have derived from one Old English word that expected "to beg," however this is far from certain.) Once created in the language, however, wheedle became a favorite of several of the language"s many illustrious writers. Wheedle and also related forms appear in the works of Wordsworth, Dickens, Kipling, Dryden, Swift, Scott, Tennyson, and Pope, amongst others.

Recent examples on the net yet Kirpal would certainly wheedle the staff, charm Mrs. Tan, enraged the aides. — Rachel Heng, The new Yorker, 31 may 2021 Plaintive, breathless, and much more than a little disappointed by the shabbiness the the place, Fagan is a nonthreatening figure, the kind of bloke who might wheedle a free pint in a Clerkenwell pub. — Graham Hillard, Washington Examiner, 10 Dec. 2020 His open minded exhibits no concern for his son, however does want to make sure Maggie it s okay none that the advantage of the trust-fund money Tom had actually to wheedle out that his dad and an ext sympathetic brother Nate (Josh McKenzie). — john Anderson, WSJ, 2 Sep. 2020 Still, once the weather starts to feel much more summery — but punishing the summer could be — burger cravings constantly seem come wheedle their means out that the woodwork. — Dominic Armato, azcentral, 28 may 2020 but when Rose-Lynn opens her mouth to sing–her speak voice has a Glaswegian burr, but her singing voice is all Tennessee–you’re wheedled into forgetting her flaws and sins and also wanting just the finest for her and her kids. — Stephanie Zacharek, Time, 20 June 2019 one of the latter, Hugh Dancy’s Charlie, tries, nearly successfully, come wheedle her right into bed; another, Reid Scott’s Tom, the show’s head monologue writer, feel threatened and also tries to block her best ideas. — Stephanie Zacharek, Time, 7 June 2019 one more is around a an extremely loud teenage neighbor in the West town who wheedles his way into she psyche. — Sophie Haigney, San Francisco Chronicle, 4 may 2018 provide credit to Gutekunst for wheedling a 2019 first-round pick out that the Saints to move from 14 come 27 in the first round Thursday night. — Peter King,, 30 Apr. 2018

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