(ˈmɛg əˌfoʊn) n., v. -phoned, -phon•ing.

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megaphone - a cone-shaped acoustic machine held to the mouth come intensify and also direct the person voice


<ˈmɛgəfəʊn> n → mégaphone mmega-star <ˈmɛgəstɑːr> n → mégastar f
a funnel-shaped device for speak through, that causes sounds to it is in made louder and/or sent in a provided direction. He shouted instructions come the crowd through a megaphone. Megafoon مُضَخِّم صَوْتي، بوق мегафон alto-falante megafon das Megaphon megafon τηλεβόαςmegáfono ruupor بلندگو megafoni porte-voix מְגָפוֹן भोंपू megafon, doglasnik hangszóró corong suara gjallarhorn megafono メガホン 메가폰, 확성기 megafonas megafons corong suara megafoonropert, megafonmegafon جګ غږى alto-falante megafon, portavoce мегафон megafón megafon megafon megafon โทรโข่ง megafon 擴音器 рупор; мегафон بھونپو loa 扩音器
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When the oat-spry horse had actually hedged a little his very first spurt of speed Jerry damaged the lid the his cab and also called down v the aperture in the voice that a cracked megaphone, trying come please:
The thing flew fairly steadily in ~ a pace of around three miles an hour, in a wide circle, making a deep hum that, would have drowned his full, affluent voice completely had that not noted himself with a megaphone. The avoided churches, buildings, and mono-rail cables with consummate ease together he conversed.
So that was not a surprised to check out the assembly of about 20 world with banners and also a megaphone protesting around the LGBT educational programme.
RAWALPINDI -- Police make a desperate attempt to pressure two proclaimed criminal to surrender after bordering a jungle wherein they were allegedly hiding and also making announcements native the megaphone on Tuesday.

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