At part time or other, everyone has probably had actually the experience of breaking a glass. At the time this seems like a disaster, glass shards flying and also a seemingly endless cleanup to chase each item of glass into a corner.

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But many of the moment breaking a glass is actually an excellent luck. return it appears counterintuitive, as soon as glass shatters the old i do not care new. Beginning out together liquid sand, fire heats the sand into glass. If the glass breaks, it have the right to then it is in re-created together something new.

Glass is really symbolic, and also the idea of rejuvenation is influential in glass symbolism. As soon as you are damaged like glass, a new self have the right to emerge and also be strong. There are countless symbols once it concerns these vulnerable comparisons.

Whether you talk around glass in dreams, a broken window, a delivery christening, or glasses and mirrors in literature, over there are many symbolic depictions of glass that you are probably not conscious of.

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Symbolism the Glass
1. Broken window
2. Break a Glass
3. Dreams
Glass in Rituals
ancient Temples
delivery Christening
Jewish Wedding awareness
Glass in literature
1. Glasses
2. Winter
3. Windows

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Symbolism the Glass

1. Broken Window

Although numerous representations of wrong glass actually represent optimistic experiences, a broken window is not among them.

Windows room transparent and also represent friend looking out at the human being or the world’s watch of you. If the home window is broken, this suggests that you space weak or that the world sees you together weak.

People that sit in front of a home window looking out room sitting back and letting the human being pass lock by, rather than getting associated in the activity themselves. The breaking of the window implies the your worldview is not part of the activity and does no matter.

2. Break a Glass

Paradoxically, the situation of break a glass by chance is good luck. It represents the truth that evil is leaving and an excellent luck is on the way.

With the noise and also chaos of the break glass, evil spirits are stated to get flustered and run away. Of food this doesn’t counting if you rest the glass ~ above purpose, just to try to gain the great luck. If the is the case, you will just have actually a big mess on your hands!

3. Dreams

Dreams deserve to be construed in plenty of ways, and dreams about glass are no exception. Such a vulnerable substance would definitely have an intense depiction if you are dreaming about it.

When us sleep our brains use the time to occupational out troubles through our subconscious mind, and also the strange things we dream stand for what is walk on.

If girlfriend dream the eating broken glass, the either method there is something you want to say but don’t know how, or it means you currently said something the you are ashamed of. The broken shards that glass represent the words.Walking on broken glass method that you need a change, and for part reason, you room worried around the change that is come come, or exactly how you will make the adjust happen. As with walking on damaged glass would certainly physically hurt, wrangling with making a change also hurts.Transparency way your relationships are transparent, therefore if you dream around windows that is a authorize that you have honesty in her relationships. If the windows space covered, however, it might represent secrecy.Dreaming about colored glass is a great sign, but if you dream about black home windows it method that who is trying to take it over your circumstances.If you are peeping through glass in a dream, the is a great sign, and also it mirrors that you space trying to be yourself, by looking the end a really tiny hole or window.Although break glass accidentally has positive connotations, if you space breaking glass frantically, you room desperate and feel trapped. Over there are plenty of things in life that could cause you come feel that way, and your dreams are trying come tell girlfriend something.

Glass in Rituals

Glass is frequently used in rituals, indigenous a toast at a fancy dinner, to providing glasses together a distinct gift for essential occasions.

There are specific rituals that host tightly come the heritage of glass in bringing around positive changes.

Ancient Temples

In Karnak, Egypt in the 15th century BC, the idea the men can melt and transform glass made men hungry for the power of law so.

Once the technique was discovered, the men structure these old temples wanted to display their strength over the elements, and so lock ornamented the holy places with freshly melted glass.

The glass itself came to be a symbol of power and also wealth, and surrounding temples wanted to present the exact same power, discovering in turn just how to create their very own glass.

Ship Christening

One method that glass is supplied in rituals is by breaking it for an excellent luck end the hull the a new ship. Glass breaking is most often a symbol of great luck although it seems favor it would be the other way around.

When a new ship is being put right into the water because that the first time, it is tradition that a party of champagne is damaged over the hull for great luck.

Some believe that if the bottle doesn’t break, this signifies bad luck because that the ship and also crew. If the angry spirits room distracted by the sound of the break glass, they will leave the delivery alone and it will have actually happy sailing.

Jewish Wedding Ceremony

The Jewish glass break at weddings has actually several reasonings. Some think it is to offer as a reminder that the destruction of the Jewish temple.

That even in your finest moment, friend still have to remember the past. The destruction of the holy place is a historical moment the is organized dear to those of Jewish faith. An additional representation of the glass breaking is from eastern European Jews, who damaged glass in ~ weddings to scare away demons.

They thought that demons came around an ext at rights of passage, trying come wreak havoc through mortals. This events, such together bar mitzvahs and weddings, were vital ritualistic moments for people.

At a wedding, Jewish people stomp ~ above glass for an excellent luck. They carry out so come scare far the demons and clear the method for a life time of joy for the couple.

Glass in Literature

Literature, through its an extremely nature, is extremely symbolic, and also holds numerous secrets come the an interpretation of glass.

Although one can uncover examples transparent genres and also throughout history, including glasses, windows and doors, and mirrors, here are a few meaningful instances.

1. Glasses

Glasses, by their an extremely nature, stand for the capability for who to watch better. In lord of the Flies, a classic book about boys that crashland on one island and have to do their way with no adults, the personality Piggy put on glasses.

He represents wisdom in the book, learning that the glasses space the only means to make fire, and also many other methods the boys can assist themselves acquire rescued. He end up acquiring killed as soon as the boys turn savage and also brutally assault the just character who have the right to actually see.

2. Mirrors

In the poem by Sylvia Plath, “Mirrors,” the speak in the very first stanza is spring in the mirror, trying come make meaning about herself.

In the second stanza, the actual winter made that glass i do not care a lake, another place whereby the speaker can see she reflection.

The mirror and also lake both represent who the speak is, and also how she deserve to see it s her clearly or not, depending upon the stanza.

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3. Windows

Windows are one more important representation of glass in literature. Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, supplies windows to separate, and additionally to have personalities get glimpses into other worlds. In this gothic novel,

Catherine is longing because that her lost love as she lays dying, and also asks that the windows remain open up so the she can attach to the exterior world, the moors wherein she and Heathcliff fell in love. Later, as soon as Heathcliff lay dying, he died with open windows and rain, as if the heavens to be crying.

In “House ~ above Mango Street,” Sandra Cisneros create a story in which the women room trapped through the men approximately them.

Characters like Rafeala, Mamacita, Minerva and also Sally spend a lot of time looking out the windows at the human being going by around them. They room trapped in their circumstances and looking wistfully exterior their houses.


There is no doubt that glass is one of the most breakable substances around, and also can break easily, sending out shards flying. In genuine life, that seems favor cleaning increase shattered glass would certainly be a an unfavorable event, however symbolically, wrong glass is much more often positive.

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The symbolism of glass permits us to understand the world approximately us better, whether through a window, a mirror, or a pair that glasses.