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Miles Halter, an introverted nerdtastic junior in high school, goes looking for a good Perhaps (a great, unsure future) far from house at Culver Creek Boarding institution in Alabama. That"s all we really have to know prior to diving into the action of the story.

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Note: There room really 2 plots to the book with two increasing actions and two climaxes. This are separated into Before and also After.

Rising action

Conflict Before: through a tiny Help from mine Friends

Miles arrives at school and also tries to find out the social order, do some an excellent friends, and also pass his challenging classes. It"s not straightforward situation to it is in in, yet we root for Miles as he struggles. His acquaintances v the Colonel, Alaska, and also Takumi at some point blossom right into friendships, and together they make mischief (in the form of pranks and also smoking cigarettes) and drink a small too much.

Complication Before: Too lot on His Plate

Even once he it s okay his bearings at the Creek, mile has obtained some troubles: the class are way harder than he"s provided to, he"s do the efforts to number out how to make and keep friends, he sort of likes Lara yet he really likes Alaska, he needs to find out all the unwritten rule of the society order at the Creek, and also he decides to take on the us-versus-them mentality that the Colonel and Alaska have towards the Weekday Warriors. Phew—that"s a lot.

Conflict After: Whodunnit?

It"s not really a whodunnit, it"s a what did the who execute (and by the who we median Alaska, no these guys). Miles and also the Colonel space consumed v Alaska"s death and what happened to her—did she commit suicide or was her fatality an accident? It"s not straightforward question to answer, yet Miles and also the Colonel feel specifically driven to uncover out.

Complication After: Too lot of a various Kind

Alaska"s no alive to tell she friends what she was reasoning right before she died, therefore they have actually to figure it out on their own. Oh—and Miles and the Colonel have this incredible grief and guilt to cope with due to the fact that they think they assisted her to her death. This renders their coping through her death and also the continuation of life in ~ the Creek really challenging because they disregard classes (and their qualities plummet), they neglect their friends, and also they fight through each other. Not basic thing to get through.


The first Climax: The draw close Curve

Alaska drives away from campus, crying and also drunk. Top top the highway, she look at a jackknifed semi and a cop automobile with that is lights and also siren on, and also she plows right into the cop car. She die instantly. Completely unexpected, this changes everything around the story.

The second Climax: girlfriend Can"t always Get What You want

After finding out that Alaska was headed to her mother"s grave from Takumi, Miles and the Colonel realize that fixing the an enig of Alaska"s death—whether it to be an accident or suicide—won"t bring her back, for this reason they finally let she go. It kind of seems favor an anticlimactic climax, yet in letting Alaska go, Miles and also the Colonel expropriate her death and also the reality that life moves on. It"s this kind of catharsis (personal realization) the leads to a orgasm that"s very various from the climax of Alaska"s death.

Falling Action

The Climaxes Converge: back to Life, earlier to Reality

The two various climaxes—Alaska"s death and also Miles and also the Colonel accepting she death—settle down in the very same way: v Miles and also the Colonel refocusing on school and trying to carry their qualities up. It"s not interesting stuff, but it is a means for them to enter back into the real world.

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But mile Isn"t Dead

So what? us still gain to check out his last words on the matter. Miles gets a letter from Takumi the admits he too could have quit Alaska the night of she death, but similar to Miles and also the Colonel, didn"t. Miles ultimately finishes his religion final for the Old Man and forgives himself and also Alaska. This forgiveness is the real moment of closure for Miles, and we breath a collective sigh of relief because that him.