The least feasible value for the mean of the numbers of hrs of TV reported because that the main is .

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It a single an option question. However in the phrase "the least possible value" which native does the very least modify? feasible or value?

If that modifies possible, it way the value that is the most impossible. If that modifies value, it means the the very least value among all feasible ones. Which one go the phrase actually mean?



Strictly speaking, it doesn"t make sense that you can modify words possible through least (or most).

Something one of two people is possible or it isn"t.

Colloquially, people do occasionally make this mistake. However what they are really trying to express is the idea that something the is the least or most probable or likely.

You can speak the least number of possibilities—but that"s something different.

So, I would assume the least is editing and enhancing value in the GMAT question because it doesn"t make feeling for it to be editing and enhancing possible.

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answered Jul 26 "18 at 5:58

Jason BassfordJason Bassford
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least is a superlative and also thus is predicated against a collection of points or possibilities.

You space being inquiry to recognize the least (of) the feasible values.

So it"s leastpossible value.

BTW, an impossible value is no a "least possible" value. The least possible percentage the oxygen in the air that is required for us to remain conscious is no zero percent oxygen.

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