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Fastest sports part 1 – ball sports.

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Everyone has actually an opinion on this so we though we’d placed it to bed by obtaining some definitive evidence! To identify the fastest sports we looked in ~ a couple of fitting criteria – A sphere or item the travels at an extremely high speed that needs to be caught or went back by one more person. Thus requiring split second reaction times. Or a sport that requires someone travel at an extremely high speed. Friend can inspect out –

We put this the end on twitter and also got a vast response and one amazing one to be golf, golf balls have the right to travel at end 200mph but unfortunately this doesn’t to the right the over criteria.

At we have athletes and also teams crowdfunding every sport from tchoukball to sled dogging come skydiving, yet we learnt a new one creating this. Below it is, enjoy!

Badminton –


This to be a huge surprise to us. There’s no ball here however a shuttlecock, which method feathers! however don’t allow this deceive you, this shuttlecock deserve to go very, really fast. Follow to the Badminton human being Federation, Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei hold the sport’s record. He hit a 253mph smash at the Hong Kong open up in 2015.

The faster athletes in sports

Pelota –


Ever heard of pelota? us didn’t till writing this, yet the Spanish video game happens to be the fastest round sport in the civilization according come the Guiness publication of Records. It’s an ext than 300 year old, and also is played v a curved paddle, and a sphere made indigenous rubber wrapped in goat skin. That ball is virtually as big as a baseball, harder than a golf ball, and also has to be clocked in ~ 188mph! Helmets weren’t introduced until 1968 as soon as the champion player Orbea ended his career, after gaining hit in the head.

Crowdfunding successes in sport

Squash –


Although squash is played v a hollow rubber ball, the ideal in the sport have the right to hit it at astounding speeds. Australian Cameron Pilley is damaged his own human being record by hitting two serves that were recorded 176 mp/h (281.6 km/h) in 2011.

The most dangerous sports you have the right to play

Tennis –


142mph serve at Wimbledon

Forehands consistently exceed 100mph and up come 125 mph and also with backhands not too much off this so it’s nice clear the this sport requires lightening fast reactions. Climate you throw in the serve.. With average serve speeds routinely exceeding 125mph in mens tennis and serves videotaped up come 160mph, this is truly one of the fastest sporting activities in the world.

We answer an additional much questioned question – what’s the fittest sport

Field Hockey –


Hockey has actually been the surprised on many of our lists this year from one on the fittest sports to the most watched and played. And here the is again! v flicks speed of up to 70mph and drives at up to 100mph that need to be recorded with a small headed stick, it’s clear the this is a very fast video game that requires extreme fitness, skill and also agility.

Ice Hockey –


Ice hockey is considered one of the faster of every sports, and also maybe that the fast tempo and all the action. With skating speeds in come 29mph and pucks consistently clocked in ~ 100/mph+ , ice cream hockey is fine renowned as one of the more quickly sports.

The most physically daunting sports

Baseball –


While breakthroughs in strength and conditioning have come a long way in the critical 40 years, the rate at i beg your pardon a pitcher litter a baseball has not. Although the an innovation to monitor pitches wasn’t together good, in 1974 hall of famer Nolan Ryan threw at 108.1 mph (174.0 km/h). Because then, Cincinnati Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman has come the closestly to reaching that mark, hitting 105.1 pmh (169.1 km/h) together a rookie ago in 2010.

The many skilful sports

Cricket –


While cricket might not require the excessive physicality and also fitness of hockey or tennis players, it does need a the majority of skill as balls take trip at high speeds, v pitchers and also bowlers propelling balls at 95-100 mph. The greatest electronically measured rate for a round bowled by any type of bowler is 161.3 km/h (100.23 mph) through Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) against England in 2003.

On the opposite end of the range we have actually the 8 slowest sports you deserve to play!

Hurling / Camogie –


Hurling’s exciting mix of speed and skill is the reason why the often explained one the the greatest field sport in the world. The goalkeeper’s hurley usually has a bas (the flattened, bent end) double the dimension of other players’ hurleys to carry out some advantage against the quick moving sliotar (ball) i beg your pardon can be hit at end 90 mph in speed and also 110m in distance. Think of an additional fastest sport? Let united state know!

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