Main difference – explain vs Explain

Describe and explain room two comparable words that we often think about as synonyms. However, over there is a distinctive difference between describe and explain, specifically when we look at your results. When we explain something, we talk around the points we see, feel, and hear. But when we are explaining something, us talk around how something taken place or why it happened. Therefore, the main difference between describe and explain is the describe method to recount what happened and also explain way to analysis why or exactly how it happened.

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What Does explain Mean

When you space asked to explain something, all you have to do is recount the details about that thing or incident you are claimed to describe.

For example, imagine friend are offered the below picture and request to define it. Just how would you describe it?


You deserve to talk about everything that you have the right to see – the place, the people, your behavior, books, background, etc.

When you describe something, you can talk about the sensations you feel with your 5 senses – sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. Because that example, if you space asked to explain a liven street, you can talk about the sound that vehicles, the smell of smoke, the massive of vehicles and people, the heat, etc.

You can additionally use the four question words to define something.

What happened?

Where did that happen?

When did it happen?

Who to be involved?

When you describe something, you don’t have to analyze the or describe the causes behind it. Every you have to do is just answer the over four questions.

What Does explain Mean

Explaining is various from describing. The clarifies why miscellaneous happened. The looks at the reasons. As soon as you room explaining something, you have to think deeply. That is only once you look past the surface ar details and also descriptions the you deserve to answer the concern why other happened.

When the hatchet ‘explain’ wake up in an essay question, you room expected to administer reasons and also evidence to support a claim. For example,

Explain why a Cold war arisen after 1945.

Describe a challenge you have confronted in your life. Explain how this challenge impacted your life.


Difference in between Describe and also Explain


Describe: Describe means to provide a the majority of details and also paint a verbal picture of a case or idea.

Explain: Explain method to make an idea or situation clear to someone by describing that in much more detail or revealing pertinent facts.


Describe: Describe answers the inquiries what, when , where and who.

Explain: describe answers the questions how and why.

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Describe: Describing consists of describing the sight, sounds, smell, taste, etc.