Located in the southern part of the united States, the state the Alabama is so-called after ~ a native American tribe by the exact same name. The state is famous for that is landmarks dating earlier to the American Civil civil liberties Movement, beautiful landscape, and over 1,500 miles of inland waterways.

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Also known as the Yellowhammer state because of the state bird, Alabama sees end 20 million tourists every year, that which most visitors come to the state because that its remarkable beaches situated by the Gulf the Mexico.

The state additionally has a rich variety of flora and also fauna and is ranked among the finest due come its biodiversity.

English is the main language below while Spanish is regionally spoken.

Let us now explore some of the remarkable beaches that Alabama.

1. West Beach


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West Beach

Considered as Alabama’s best, West coast extends from ft Morgan peninsula to Mobile Bay and is be separated by the bay by tiny Lagoon lake. Though many of the island’s coastline is dotted through residential homes, the white sugary sand the West coast is mostly open come the public.

Though you can visit right here anytime, may till October is the finest time if you want some personal beach time.

There are numerous restaurants and also luxury hotels along the coastline. The nearby Bon Secour national Wildlife Refuge is a an excellent attraction for wildlife enthusiasts. Created in 1980, the refuge is house to sea turtles, the Alabama beach mouse, and various moving birds. There are several trails about the Wildlife Refuge that stays open to the public throughout the year.

2. Orange Beach


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Orange Beach

A highly renowned beach location for family goers, Orange beach is an eight-mile-long stretch of white, sugary coastline and is a destination where everyone can uncover some sort of amusement to to fill their heart through joy.

Aside the countless tourist facilities and services that the beach houses, the main attractions right here are the various kinds of tasks that it provides – either in the water or by the water.

One of the most distinctive attractions below is flyboarding. Other popular sports and activities at Orange Beach include sunset dolphin cruise, sailing, and diving down to the state’s very first deliberately-sunk delivery wreckage.

Fishing is one more sport i m sorry is in high demand around the area. The common records found in the waters in ~ Orange beach consists of red snapper, marlin, and also tuna.

The adjoining Adventure Island Amusement Park and also Arcade is a an excellent place because that children and their family members to cave out.

3. Gulf State Park


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Gulf State Pier

Pleated in between Gulf Shores and Orange coast is the 6,000-acre expanse of Gulf State Park which is known for that two-mile-long gorgeous beach and plethora of activities and facilities.

The pavilion area by the beach is a be safe spot and has a shaded picnic area and public restrooms. There are herbal sand dunes and also sea oats adorning the surroundings.

Surf fishing is a well-known sport here. Friend can also spend quality time trying out the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry trail on bike or foot. Alligators and also deer are few of the wild pets that are easily spotted in the area.

The nearby Gulf Adventure Centre provides paddle-boarding, zip lining, and kayaking.

4. Dauphin Island Park and Beach


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Dauphin Island

Recognized for its stunning organic landscapes, Dauphin Island Park and Beach in Mobile ar is another beach gem in the state the Alabama. Despite entry come the beach requires a nominal enntrance gate fee (only in spring and summer), the visit is precious every penny.

The area has actually a the majority of varied panoramas and also resources to explore and enjoy, few of which space its parks, trails, and exhibits. The only pet-friendly beach in the region, Dauphin Island Park and Beach is open throughout the year and also offers camping framework for RVs, trailers, and even buses.

The camping ground about the Park allows for 151 sites, of i m sorry 99 are complete hook-ups. Various other facilities here include yet aren’t restricted to free Wi-Fi, free boat launch, 30/50 Amp service, picnic areas, dump station, a boardwalk the connects you come a secluded beach section, and a playground area.

The momentous fort Gaines is additionally worth a visit.

5. Fort Morgan


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Fort Morgan

The fort Morgan peninsula is not only recognized for its pristine beachfront but also the background and deluxe it provides to that visitors. The long-finger-shaped peninsula top top the west that Gulf shore is a perfect location to get away from the crowd and also get close come serenity and nature.

Though many of the headland is a section of Bon Secour nationwide Wildlife Refuge, the coast at fort Morgan is accessible to the public. A bit tricky to get to, the area is best explored if you remain at among the coast hotels that sell you private access to the beach.

If you space not a guest at any kind of of the hotels roughly the coastline, there are only two access points come the beach. Over there aren’t any public framework or stores about the area so friend must bring everything girlfriend need.

There are several beach houses and resorts for guests wishing to remain here.

6. Noodle Bayou Beach


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Cotton Bayou Beach

Another coast jewel located within the borders of Gulf State, cotton Bayou beach is the impeccable photo of an absolute beach holiday. Perfect white sands an unified with roll waves make the coast area highly popular among visitors.

Located at the intersection that Highway 182 and 161, noodle Bayou beach is for this reason well-admired not only because of the landscape and also pleasantness it uses but additionally due to the existence of number of public facilities and also amenities which make the area really convenient because that hassle-free relaxation.

Some of the usual amenities uncovered here room restrooms, showers, lifeguards, and complimentary parking. Over there are numerous restaurant and shops as well.

7. Gulf Shores main Public Beach


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Gulf Shores key Public Beach

The quintessential beach town of Alabama, Gulf Shores has every little thing you would hope for the end of your beach vacation in the state. Though over there are numerous beaches making up the Gulf Shores, the key Public coast ranks really highly among them all.

There space plenty that restaurants, shops, activities, and also nightlife roughly the area.

Some common facilities in ~ the Gulf Shores main Public Beach include open picnic pavilions, showers, restrooms, lifeguards, and free parking. Friend can also indulge in a game of volleyball at the beach.

You deserve to avail the all-day parking at the beach because that a little fee.

8. West end Public Beach


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West end Public Beach

Located ~ above the western finish of Dauphin Island, West finish Public coast is a true example of beauty meets nature. The beach has the same laid-back and relaxed ambiance as the rest of the beaches in ~ Dauphin Island to add a lot of of infrastructure for the public.

Open seven days a week, morning it rotates evening, West end Public Beach has actually strict policies versus pets, littering, and also overnight stays.

The resident owners of the island through parking permits are cost-free to park but the non-residents must pay a in the name fee for parking and entrance.

Sugar white sands combined with parks dotted with ancient oaks and a public golf area provides West end Public coast an remarkable spot come relax.

Other amenities at the beach encompass AC restrooms, showers, chair rentals, lifeguards, snacks and drinks vendors, a picnic area, and a water slide because that children.

9. Fairhope


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Fairhope, Alabama

Home to several illustrators and also novelists, the artsy city of Fairhope, Alabama, uses some that the most picturesque views of cell phone Bay. Located next come the Municipal Pier that Fairhope, the beach below offers the many spectacular sunsets in the region.

The selection of activities in the area contains swimming, snorkeling, and speed boating. If you are the form to reap a quiet beachside picnic, Fairhope is the place to be.

The coast here has plenty of facilities and also hence, is taken into consideration extremely family-friendly.

Restaurants, boutiques, a famous rose garden, picnic tables, a duck pond and the to mark boardwalk are some of the points you can uncover here. Spotting coastal birds such together pelicans is quite usual approximately the pier.

10. Florida point Beach


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Florida allude Beach

Nestled in the city of Orange Beach, Florida allude Beach is a mile-long beach the is located east of the Perdido Pass. In fact, the happen separates Florida suggest from the Alabama allude and is in ~ the mouth that the flow by the exact same name.

A component of the Gulf State Park, Florida suggest is stated in the Alabama seaside Birding Trail.

Beach parking in ~ Florida point is totally free for all and there are number of public facilities in the area, some of which space restrooms, showers, boardwalks, and shaded picnic areas.

Surfing is possible on the western side of Perdido Pass.

Florida point Beach is a tiny out that the location as compared to the significant Cotton Bayou beach which renders the former rather calm and less-crowded, a plus because that those who desire some privacy and peace.

11. Romar Beach


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Romar Beach

Among the many scenic beaches of the Gulf State Park lies Romar beach, no so popular yet supremely stunning.

Located a few miles east of Highway 59, Romar coast is a weird area i beg your pardon is most idyllic because that beach strolls and also picnics.

There are a few resorts and also condominiums about but most of the area is untouched which likewise explains the absence of public framework in the area.

Though there space plans to create a couple of amenities in the region, as of currently there is only totally free parking and also restrooms available.

12. Kiva Dunes Resort and Golf


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Kiva Dunes Resort and also Golf

Located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Kiva Dunes Resort and also Golf is a beachside holiday will which offers its guests through all the luxuries that one have the right to hope for. The resort obtained its surname from a indigenous American word which means a sanctuary for retreat and also rejuvenation.

With the mile-long sugar white personal beach, Kiva is one of the top options for high-end holidaymakers. Surrounded by splendid turquoise blue waters and also rolling dunes, the exclusive beach in ~ Kiva offers accessibility to several nearby attractions in ~ the resort.

Whether you desire to dip her toes in the sand and unwind in your beach chair if you lose yourself amidst the sound of tide crashing ~ above the shore or you great to get a bit an ext active and also enjoy a game of golf or tennis, Kiva has it all.

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You could also enjoy a soothing massage in ~ the in-house massage center, watch the sun go down as you balance your mind, body, heart with yoga, or relish a hearty meal through your beloved at the beachside restaurant.