Have you ever before heard the words “Ecuador Mitad del Mundo” or “middle that the world in Ecuador”? i hadn’t either till I had a possibility to visit the “Mitad del Mundo” right outside of Quito. I had actually no idea there to be an exact location where you can stand in ~ the earth’s midpoint –0 levels latitude, 0 minutes, 0 seconds in Ecuador! Apparently, human being come from anywhere the world to was standing in the mitad del mundo in Ecuador. I was lucky enough to have whole day to invest taking a day expedition from Quito, Ecuador to visit this stunner multi-location through my family.

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Latitude 000: travel to the center of the World!


✦ where is Ecuador “Mitad del Mundo”?

This “Middle that the World” Ecuador location is top top a tract of soil located about 20 miles from Quito and it is basic to get there from there.

✦ just how to acquire to the middle of the civilization – Quito:

My family was visiting Quito and also we hired a driver indigenous the hotel that us were staying in Quito (faster and also easier for a family of four). We hired him for the day to take us to the Pululahau Volcano, climate to the Monumentto the Equator specialized to Ecuador “Mitad del Mundo” and finally to Intiñan Solar Museum, which isthe exact equator line. (The funny thing is the the monument erected to commemorate the Ecuador “mitad del mundo” (middle of the world) was actually developed in the not correct location, however read on for a more explanation.)


You can additionally take the general public bus:

Take the Metrobus north towards Ofelia.Get off atOfelia and find the bus with the yellow authorize that says “Mitad Del Mundo”.Get turn off in about 60 minutes, watch because that the signs.


✦ Pululahau Volcano close to Ecuador Mitad del Mundo

Our first stop to be the Pululahau Volcano the town hall spot. In the picture below, we room being blown away by the winds, with the populated volcano crater down below known together Pululahau. The sellers from the shops in ~ this protect against were the ideal place come buy inexpensive and quality souvenirs. Believe me, we witnessed a many of locations to shop if in Ecuador, but none contrasted to the quality and the price we found here. And also the human being were super friendly. It is completely worth a rapid stop to watch the view and also to shop for souvenirs.

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✦ Equator in Ecuador: are there two “Mitad del Mundo’s en Ecuador”?

Are theretwo equators in Ecuador! No,well, sort of as there was a large monument developed on what was believed to it is in the equator line and also called the EcuadorMitad del Mundo. The grounds of Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador contain the Monument come the Equator and theMuseo Etnográfico Mitad del Mundo.The only difficulty is the this monument was constructed in the dorn place! Today, it is indisputable the theIntiñan Solar Museum is the true middle of the world, which has actually been proven with modern-day GPS instruments. Yet read on for the story behind this.

✦ Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador & the Equator Monument

The Equator Monumentwas constructed in between 1979 and also 1982 by Pichincha’s province Council. It to be to change an larger monument the was built by the government of Ecuador, based upon the geographer louis Tufiño in 1936. Back in 1936, they walk not have actually the benefit of GPS, for this reason they to let go the center of the planet (0 latitudes and 0 longitudes) by much less than 100 meters. Which ns think is pretty an excellent considering what they had to execute to number this out! lock were just off by a little less than the length of 2 football fields!

Here in Ecuador Mitad del Mundo, you will find the Monumentto the Equator, which was developed to to mark the approximate location of the equator. Over there is likewise theMuseo Etnográfico Mitad del Mundo. It is a museum about the indigenous world of Ecuador.It was right here that for many years, tourist would concerned stand top top the yellow line that they believed was the precise location of latitude 0 degrees. Except later v GPS, it was discovered out that this is no the spot!

Oops! can you imagine exactly how they felt as soon as they found out? together it turns out, the equator line is less than 330 feet to the phibìc of here. That course, we had actually to visit here, too!

The Monument in the center of the world.

✦ Mitad del Mundo:Museo Etnográfico Mitad del Mundo

While visiting theMuseo Etnográfico Mitad del Mundo, our kid Diego got the possibility to have bugs crawling ~ above him. They have actually live demonstrations here about the regional culture, agriculture, and spiritual significance that the Ecuadorian people.

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(That is a CAYman Islandt-shirt mine son has actually on!)

I also wanted to mention that the people that work right here readily recognize that a mistake has actually been made. They tell tourists who ask around it wherein to find the actual equator:

“ revolve left in ~ the gate, and it’s 100 meter on her left.”

✦ The genuine Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador: Intinan Solar Museum

Our overview drove us down this dirt road, past a little bridge to this following spot that has actually a sign stating the location. This is quickly walkable if you are on foot. There is a little admission dues to get in ($4). This location is referred to as the Intiñan Solar Museum, the true Ecuador “mitad del mundo” pr “middle that the world”!


There is a free English speaking overview here who showed us around. Us learned a tiny about the history of the civilization of Ecuador. He likewise told us how the equator has actually a huge impact top top the world who live here. We additionally learned around how the equator affects heaviness in Ecuador. The cool thing about this protect against to “Mitad del Mundo” is that it is an interactive site with several activities and tests that you and the youngsters can participate in. This stop in its entirety was much far better than the monument stop.