Tamar Braxton to be born top top Thursday march 17th 1977, in Severn, Maryland, unified States.

She is an American singer, tv personality and actress, who ended up being known in music in 1990 as starting member that the American R&B singing team The Braxtons, developed with she sisters, and also as a previous co-host of Fox's The genuine talk show.

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An American actress, dancer and also glamour model who started specializing in swimsuit, lingerie and also body modeling at period 18, winner the 1998 miss Ujena challenge in Mexico, and also stars through Ice-T star in the fact television collection Ice Loves Coco


An American television and film actress, best known because that her function as Jessica Wakefield on the teenager drama Sweet valley High, and for she portrayal that Kelly Pitts ~ above the comedy-drama collection The Game

A Canadian musician, songwriter, record producer and visual artist, whose music has been detailed for the atypical mix of vocal elements, too as an array of influences throughout electronic and pop, hip hop and R&B and also experimental music

An English model, photographer and also author whose photographs the Harrison and Clapton - both her husbands, titled through the Eye that a Muse, have been displayed in Dublin, Sydney, Toronto, Moscow, London, Almaty, and the USA
An American adult-movies actress, stripper, and also director, who has won many industry awards, and became associated in 2018 in a legal problem with U.S. President Donald Trump and also his lawyer Michael Cohen

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