When boil it alters into liquid.When heated that does not adjust into gasWhen heated that does not alters into liquid yet directly alters into gas.When heated no adjust occur.

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Solution: Solid CO2​ is referred to as as dried ice, due to the fact that it does no melt right into liquid once heated, it changes directly into gas. This process is known as Sublimation.

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A sphere, a cube and also a slim circular plate are heated come the very same temperature. All room made that the very same material and have the equal masses. If t1​,t2​ and also t3​ space the respective time taken by the sphere, cube and the circular plate in cooling down to a usual temperature, then

A cup the tea cools from 65.5oC come 62.5oC in 1 minute in a room at 22.5oC. How long will it take to cool indigenous 46.5oC to 40.5oC in the very same room?

A solid body X of heat capacity C is retained in an atmosphere whose temperature is TA​=300K. In ~ time t=0 the temperature the X is T0​=400K. It cools follow to Newton"s regulation of cooling. At time t1​, that temperature is found to it is in 350K.At this time (t1​), the human body X is associated to a big body Y in ~ atmospheric temperature TA​, through a conducting pole of size L, cross-sectional area A and thermal conductivity K. The warmth capacity the Y is so large that any type of variation in that temperature may be neglected. The cross-sectional area A of the connecting pole is tiny compared to the surface ar area that X. Find the temperature the X at time t=3t1​.

If a piece of metal is heated to temperature θ and then enabled to cool in a room i beg your pardon is at temperature θ0​ the graph in between the temperature T that the metal and also time t will be closet to:

A body cools in 7 minutes from 60oC to 40oC. What is the temperature the the body after following 20 minutes? The temperature of surrounding is 10oC.

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The heat power required to raise the temperature the 2kg that water from 100Cto500C is (Specific heat capacity the water is 4200JKg0C−1)

A human body at temperature 40C is kept in a neighboring of consistent temperature 20C. That is observedthat the temperature falls to 35C in 10 minutes. Discover how much much more time will certainly it take because that the body to acquire a temperature of 30C

A black body in ~ 3270C, when suspended in black enclosure at 270C cools in ~ a particular rate. Discover the temperature of body at which its price of cooling will be half of above rate. I think the other problems remain unchanged.