Answer: The idea for ‘Freak The Mighty’ was inspired by the personality of a genuine boy. Favor Kevin he suffered from a disease that do him very short. Choose Kevin he had a large friend who sometimes lugged him around. And like Kevin the genuine boy was extremely intelligent, and interested in both language and also science. His mother, prefer The same Gwen, was and is rather beautiful. There the similarity end – the plot of the story is pure fiction.

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Question: What to be Kevin’s an illness in ‘Freak The Mighty’?

Answer: It’s called Morquio Syndrome, and also is a relatively rare type of dwarfism through serious clinical consequences. If friend need an ext information around Morquio Syndrome, inspect it out on or try typing it right into a search engine.

Question: where were you born? where did you thrive up?

Answer: i was born in Boston (where my Dad taken place to be working at the time) and also grew increase in a small town on the coastline of brand-new Hampshire, where my granny rented the end cottages come summer visitors.

Question: just how old are you? room you married? carry out you have any type of kids?

Answer: I was born in 1951. No, ns don’t have any type of kids. It wasn’t planned, it just happened that way. Ns do have actually three younger brothers, and also many nieces and nephews.

Question: once did you begin writing?

Answer: I began writing brief stories in the sixth grade. I never ever told anyone in institution that i was a writer – it no seem like something that would make a boy popular, and I desperately wanted to it is in popular. No that I ever was! ns wrote numerous stories, every one of which to be rejected, and managed to complete a novel in the 11th grade. That, too, was rejected. Every in every I created eight or ten novels before one was finally accepted.

Question: have actually you constantly written because that kids?

Answer: No. Because that the an initial fifteen year of mine career as a novelist, ns wrote just for adult readers. Mysteries, suspense novels, thrillers, and also so on. Then ns stumbled on the idea because that a story that had been continue in my backyard, so to speak, and also wrote ‘Freak The Mighty’ in the summer the 1992. Since then i’ve published books for young readers, and also novels intended because that adults.

Question: What walk you have to do through the movie ‘The Mighty’? Why to be the location changed?

Answer: ‘The Mighty’ was based upon my novel ‘Freak The Mighty’. I wrote the first screenplay version, however the producers believed it to be too lot like the book, so an additional screenwriter was hired. That’s really typical of just how movies obtain made native books, and I have actually no complaints. The folks at Miramax decided to readjust the title because they thought my title could be offensive. Clear they were wrong, yet they meant well, and should gain credit for trying to carry such an offbeat story to a bigger audience.

Question: go you favor the movie ‘The Mighty’?

Answer: I believed it was good. Please understand that I’ve constantly been a big fan of movies, and have reviewed numerous movies because that my local newspaper. The movie is different from the book, but almost all movies based on books are different from the book. It is the nature the movies.

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Question: space you ever going to create a biography and tell your very own story?

Answer: probably not. There’s a tiny bit of me in every one of my stories, and also I will certainly leave it in ~ that.

Question: perform you have any kind of hobbies?

Answer: i’m an avid fisherman, and also practice the fine art of angling as generally as possible. Once I’m in Maine i fish greatly for striped bass and bluefish. When I’m in the Florida secrets I fish for a range of species, including the giant tarpon. Other than when ns going to cook fish for supper, I always practice ‘hook and also release’