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Greta valve Susteren is one American lawyer, commentator, and also former television news anchor because that Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC in the united States. Currently, she is functioning as Chief nationwide Political Analyst for Gray tv in Washington. Previously, she operated as a hold for Fox News’s ~ above the record w/ Greta Susteren for 14 years before departing for MSNBC, wherein she organized For the document with Greta. She is a former criminal defense and also civil trial lawyer.

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In addition, she appeared as a legit analyst ~ above CNN and co-hosted load of Proof with Roger Cossack, play defense attorney to Cossack’s prosecutor. Notably, Greta was detailed by Forbes in 2016 together the 94th most powerful woman in the world.

Greta van Susteren Age

She to be born, Greta Conway valve Susteren, top top June 11, 1954, in Appleton, Wisconsin, joined States. Greta is 67 years old.

Greta van Susteren Height

She is a mrs of mean stature. Greta stands at a height of 5 ft 2 in (approx. 1.57 m).

Greta’s Photo

Greta valve Susteren Family

She to be born to she parents, Urban Van and also Margery Conway in Appleton, Wisconsin, united States. Her father, Urban valve Susteren, was of dutch descent while she mother, Margery Conway, was a homemaker of irish descent. In addition, she father was a longtime girlfriend of future U.S. City council Joseph McCarthy that was even the best man at she parent’s wedding.

She has a sister, Lise, that is a forensic psychiatrist in Bethesda, Maryland. Greta also has a brother, Dirk Susteren, a former journalist and also long-time editor of the vermont Sunday Magazine. Moreover, he together published, till folding in 2008, by the Rutland Herald and also the Barre Montpelier times Argus.

Greta van Susteren Husband

Greta is married to she lovely husband tort lawyer john P. Coale. The pair exchanged vows in 1988. However, the pair has actually not revealed to society media if they share children. Nevertheless, us are keeping tabs and we will upgrade you as shortly as obtain this information.

Greta van Susteren Education

She i graduated in 1972 indigenous Xavier High School in Appleton. Later, in 1976, Greta graduated from the University the Wisconsin–Madison wherein she studied geography and also economics. Moreover, in 1979, she earned a Juris Doctor level from Georgetown University regulation Center. Also, Greta to be awarded one honorary medical professional of law degree from Stetson legislation School.

Greta van Susteren Fox News

She is currently working together Chief national Political Analyst because that Gray tv in Washington, ar Of Columbia because February 2019. There, Greta offers commentary and evaluation to the newscasts airing on Gray’s 140+ stations. Moreover. She emerged nationally syndicated mirrors for the company, the full Court push with Greta Susteren. The show, Sunday morning talk, is aired on many Gray Stations in addition to Weigel Broadcasting stations in Chicago and Milwaukee.

She operated as an anchor for Fox News Channel native February 2002 come September 2016. Greta hosted current affairs show, top top the record w/ Greta Susteren. ~ resigning indigenous FOX News, she was no able to say goodbye on-air together she was instantly replaced by Brit Hume.

In 2017, Greta signed for NBC News come anchor the 6 p.m. ET program on its 24-hour cable news channel, MSNBC in Washington D.C. The program, record with Greta, was introduced on January 9, 2017, and ended in June 2017.

She appeared regularly top top CNN together a legitimate analyst during the coverage of the O.J. Simpson killing trial. Moreover, the coverage caused her stint as co-host of CNN’s burden of Proof and The Point.

Greta valve Susteren Stroke

There was a shock ~ Fox News Channel announced the Greta was the end of the terminal in 2019. Greta was the organize of the on The record show. In addition, She shocked everyone when she division her silence about her departure. Greta stated that Fox had actually never felt like house to her after functioning for 14 years.

Greta valve Susteren political Party

She belongs to NO political party. Greta declared on her Twitter account the she is no affiliated with any kind of party top top July 16, 2018. She continued and said that several of the Fox audience was accusing she of being a democratic and also some that the MSNBC audience accessed her of being a republican. In addtion, Greta added that some of Cnn accused she in favor of murder due to the fact that reporting around the Const clause.

Greta van Susteren full Court Press

She is a hold of political program, complete Court push with Greta Susteren, i beg your pardon is aired at 10:30 a.m. Sunday top top WBAY-TV in the green Bay market. The is likewise aired in the Wausau-Rhinelander market, the airs at 9 a.m. Top top WXAW-TV. Moreover, the Washington-based show will wait in 76 percent that the nation’s TV industries that include brand-new York and Los Angeles.

Greta van Susteren Scientologist

She is a member and also a massive donor come the Church of Scientology. Also, she husband, john Coale, is a Scientologist. The Church teaches the souls of murdered space aliens from 75 million years earlier are now attached come Earthlings’ bodies and also that for a fees the Church can have this cumbersome helminth removed.

Moreover, that is commonly rumored that throughout her time in ~ CNN, Greta, pressured network executives to kill an investigation into applied Scholastics. This is the organization that operates under in ~ least fifty percent a dozen various names and is apparently regulated by the Church that Scientology.

Greta valve Susteren Salary

She is working for Gray tv and, therefore, there is no doubt that he earns a decent salary. Greta earns an estimated annual salary of $ 98, 391.

Greta valve Susteren net Worth

She is functioning as a Journalist, Lawyer, and also Presenter and also has gathered a hefty fortune end the years from her successful careers. Greta has a network worth of $ 15 million.

What happened To Greta van Susteren

She left FOX News Challen in September 2016 and also announced the decision with a write-up on her on facebook page. Greta declared that Fox never felt like residence to her and she took benefit of the clause in her contract that permitted her come leave. In addition, Fox News announced that her replacement together the senior political analyst Brit Hume.

Where Is Greta van Susteren

She is serving as Chief national Political Analyst for Gray tv in Washington, district Of Columbia. In addition, Greta joined the station in February 2019. Also, because October 2017, great is working as the contributor for the Voice the America.

Is Greta van Susteren Married

Yes. She is a mam to tort lawyer John Coale since 1988. However, the pair have actually kept their mouth closed once it involves sharing information around children.

How Old Is Greta van Susteren

She is 67 years old.

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Greta celebrates her date of birth on June 11 annually with family and also friends.