Hello, I newly rooted mine Oneplus X top top 3.14 OxygenOS and also started to uninstall Google bloatware, but I uncovered some apps that ns don't know the purpuse of and whether I have to uninstall them. Basically I prefer to uninstall as countless Google apps as possible without hurting the straightforward functionality of the system. If i knew what these apps are responsible for, that would assist tremendously:


Setup Wizard

Google Account Manager (GoogleLoginService.apk)

Google services Framework

Package installer (GooglePackageInstaller.apk)

Google partner Setup

Market Feedback agent (GoogleFeedback.apk)

Google One Time Init (GoogleOneTimeInitilizer.apk)

Exchange solutions (GmailExchange.apk)

Google backup Transport

Edit: Uninstalled Google Account Manager, Google partner Setup, Exchange Services, market Feedback Agent, Google backup Transport. Everything works perfectly, of course I perform not guarantee any guarantees

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Most of these are necessary to the OS, even if it doesn't seem favor it. You can search what plenty of of this do:

ConfigUpdater: auto updates certificates, firewall configuration, time region info

Setup Wizard: early setup of the phone, i believe. Component of the OS.

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Google Account Manager (GoogleLoginService.apk): manages account data and also sharing/interaction with stated data.

Google solutions Framework: critical part of the OS - handle updates, user auth, location, privacy, syncing, integration between Google apps.

Package installer (GooglePackageInstaller.apk): apps are set up using a package installer.

Google companion Setup: help you operation applications in conjunction through Google products. Essentially permits any other app to incorporate with Google apps.

Market Feedback agent (GoogleFeedback.apk): enables apps come ask you to review them. Of all of these, that may be the one safest to remove, however please don't quote me ~ above that!

Google One Time Init (GoogleOneTimeInitilizer.apk): handles the display screens you see when you first setup maker - handles her Google account, sync, back-up options, etc.

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Exchange solutions (GmailExchange.apk): used with Gmail and also Outlook, commonly deals v corporate emails.