Black cats, Friday the 13th, and also knocked-over saltshakers – they every bring poor luck, or so us fear. Yet there is a remedy: great luck charms have the right to keep calamity in ~ bay. Some timeless German lucky charms go earlier centuries, and are frequently rooted in popular Christian legends.

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Clover and also ladybugs: Christian symbols as lucky charms

Clover, because that example, the quintessential prize of great luck in Germany, is the Christian origin. Yet don’t forget: it has to have 4 leaves! Three-leafed clover no count. Follow to Christian legend, once Eve was moved out of the Garden that Eden she took a four-leaf clover through her – come remember the good times in heaven by later on on. So sector gardens prosper millions that potted clover plants for gift-givers at new Year’s. Yet hardliners speak they’re cheating. To yes, really bring great luck your four-leaf clover has to be discovered in the wild - where exemplars are very couple of and much between. For this reason whoever does find them must be quite fortunate certainly – in i beg your pardon case great luck comes full circle.The ladybug is one more Christian prize of luck. As its surname in German, Marienkäfer, suggests, the little red pest with black spots is associated with the Virgin Mary. Famous legend has actually it she sent the pest down to planet as a gift – particularly for farmers, seeing together ladybugs i eat lot aphids and also other crop-chomping pests. So as soon as they observed ladybugs crawling up and down the cornstalks or whizzing native one tree to another in the orchard, they were an ext likely to have a bountiful harvest. And also a bumper crop was a an extremely fortunate occurrence indeed. Come this day countless Germans think you’re in luck when a ladybug lands on you, no doubt mistaking you because that a tree.

Why pigs and chimney sweeps?

“Schwein gehabt” (meaning “got happy there!” – though literally: “got pig!”) is one oft-used expression in Germany. The beast in inquiry is associated with an excellent luck in German and is now frequently gifted in the type of a marzipan pig. Swine don’t have actually a totality to carry out with Christianity, except when it comes to taking in cast-out demons. The reason they’re tied in with great fortune is rather simple: to own plenty the pigs to be a authorize of wealth and also prosperity in the center Ages. Their owner would never ever go hungry. Choose a an excellent harvest, successful breeding was reckoned a sign of great fortune. Despite no-one knows why cattle, sheep and chickens never ever made the grade.The chimney sweep brings great luck in Germany for an in similar way pragmatic reasons: as soon as the chimney was stopped up, the guy in black had actually to be referred to as in to clear the flue therefore you could finally chef your food again. A clean sweep also reduced the threat of setting the residence on fire. Therefore to this particular day we think about it an excellent luck to see a chimney sweep. And you’re even luckier if you gain to turn among the silver buttons top top his black uniform – i m sorry is why plenty of German chimney sweeps are missing buttons the have acquired torn off in the process.

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Which means to cave a horseshoe?

So wealth and also food space writ big in gauging an excellent fortune. However some people are much more romantic. It’s thanks to lover that the horseshoe is a symbol of an excellent luck. Prior to the days of telephone and also text-messaging, people sat down and also wrote love letters, which came by stagecoach – attracted by horses. Getting your hands on such a horse’s shoe to be rated also luckier 보다 receiving the love letter itself. Traditionally, people hang a horseshoe over their front door. However they’re of different minds on which direction: part hang the shoes so it opens up upwards to save the an excellent luck indigenous falling out. Others have actually it open up downwards – exactly so the luck can come out.

Of socks and also underwear: latter-day German jujus

Besides trusting in timeless lucky charms, a quarter of the German populace also believe in the auspicious results of an individual talismans. And there more than likely isn’t a solitary object that hasn’t to be fetishized through someone. Some always take exams making use of the same pen or wearing different-coloured socks or even lucky underwear: yes, imagination and superstition recognize no bounds!The nice point is, though, it actually works! In a study performed in 2010, researcher Lysann Damisch proved that happy charms actually do have actually a positive impact on examination results. Simply believing a talisman can help you take care of a an obstacle gives girlfriend a boost, as if through magic. No matter whether that a four-leaf clover, a marzipan pig or your own lucky underwear.


Tatjana Kerschbaumer, graduate the the German college of Journalism, has functioned to date for the newspapers “Münchner Merkur”, “Abendzeitung” and also Berlin’s “Tagesspiegel” – greatly in the area of culture.

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