Cody Posey

Cody Posey is a new Mexico teenager that confessed to killing his father, stepmother and also stepsister ~ above July 4, 2004, when he was simply 14 years old.

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Posey was found guilty the various degrees of homicide. He was consequently sentenced as a juvenile to it is in detained till he to be 21 years old through the opportunity of parole after 40 days.

Early life of Cody Posey

In 1992, once Cody to be 3 years old, his parental Delbert Paul and Carla Burst, filed because that divorce. This led to a really acrimonious custody dispute that lasted 8 years. In in between that time duration Delbert remarried with Sandy Paul. She and Cody had actually a an excellent relationship, yet she divorced Cody"s dad in 1998.

Cody"s custody problem ended in 2000, when Delbert Paul, who was much more commonly described by his middle name "Paul", surrendered his parental rights to his ex-wife. Cody"s mom gained complete custody, however it would last for a couple of short months. Carla, Cody"s mother, was fatally hurt in a auto accident. Together a result, Cody Posey was went back to his father, that by then was remarried v Tryone Schmid.

In the process, Cody likewise gained a younger step-sister, Marilea, who was approximately one year younger than he. Cody, his father, his new step-mother and step-sister lived on a ranch own by alphabet reporter Sam Donaldson, in Chavez Canyon, new Mexico. In 2001, Donaldson rental Paul Posey to care for the ranch.

The Crime of Cody Posey

On Monday July 4, 2004, Cody Posey, ~ enduring years of abuse indigenous his father, "snapped" once his dad slapped him throughout the challenge for no cleaning the horse stalls quick enough. 

According to his defense team, prior to the murder, Cody was burned with a welding rod and instructed by his dad to have sex through his action mother, Tryone. Cody said sheriff"s deputies the he refused and also ran off the property however did return later.

The next day, upon being slapped, Cody take it a gun indigenous his step-sister"s saddlebag and loaded it. The went within the house, whereby Tryone Posey was reading a book in the life room, and also shot her double in the head. Cody confessed that he shot she a 2nd time come make sure he obtained the job done. The very first shot was in reality snake shot. Cody believed he unloaded the snake shot in favor of more lethal ammunition.

Paul Posey, listening the shots, ran inside wherein Cody also shot him come death. Next he pointed his weapon towards Marilea, who was behind Paul, shooting she in the head, for fear that she would certainly be the one to rotate him in. He dragged the bodies out of the house and loaded lock in the bucket that a John-Deere backhoe.

Cody Posey Buries The body In Manure

Cody admitted the attempted to ask them in a adjacent plot that land, however after not being maybe to break the ground, choose to bury them in a shallow dig in a manure pile. After ~ the murders, Cody readjusted clothes and drove his father"s van to the keep for a can of Sprite. He then drove come a friend"s house, staying there till his arrest.

The complying with Tuesday, Sam Donaldson can not with his employee Paul Posey top top the phone, for this reason he and his wife drove the end to the Posey ranch. Mr. Donaldson gotten in the home to find something was really wrong. He saw the congealed blood through the refrigerator where Cody shoot Paul in the head as he came through the door. Mr. Donaldson instantly called a friend and also law enforcement officer come investigate. It wasn"t till after Cody confessed come the killings the the bodies were uncovered in the manure pile. Cody tossed the murder weapon (a .38 special) in the river.

The attempt of Cody Posey

The trial started January 16, 2006. Sam Donaldson defined Cody Posey as "withdrawn, like any kind of typical teenager." one more witness, Robert Sibbles, declared that the boy"s disciplined and overly scheduled life affiliated sadism, humiliation and also isolation, i m sorry "did not enable for any kind of kind of outlet."

Since the planned the order of the killings, so that he would certainly not gain caught, the prosecution contends the actions take away by the defendant prove that he was conscious of the reality that murdering his family members was a crime.

Witnesses spoke Up for Cody Posey

He shoot Tryone very first in order to store her indigenous calling 911, because she was within the home. Assorted witnesses, however, testified that Paul Posey without doubt was abusive and also cruel to Cody. He typically punched or slapped the boy. He provided Cody assorted chores around the ranch and they had to be done quickly.

Cody"s organic mother when reported that for boy abuse, after ~ Paul beat Cody with a board on the buttocks because that bringing home negative grades. The defense suggested Tryone was also into the abuse. Marilea was favored through the pair over Cody and also was instructed through Paul and also her mom to store tabs on Cody in school.

Cody"s defense attorney, Gary Mitchell, never denied the Cody murdered the household - instead he suggested the murder occurred as a result of years of abuse and also dissociation.

Furthermore, the defense brought in proof of incestuous pornography, which was discovered on Paul Posey"s computer, the only computer system in the house that had access to the internet. Marilea"s and Cody"s computer systems did not have the internet and also the times the the sites were saw the children were far at school.

The prosecution, however, claims the boy abuse cases are exaggerations. They illustrated Cody as a cold-blooded killer. Someone that wanted to it is in rid of his family since they make him execute chores and perform well in school. The prosecution submitted household photos to counter attack the defense"s notion that Cody was not loved or contained in family events.

The Conclusion

On Tuesday February 7, 2006, Cody Posey was convicted of first degree killing in the death of his stepsister, second degree killing in the fatality of his stepmother and also voluntary manslaughter in the death of his father. That was also found guilty of four charges of proof tampering.

On Thursday, February 23, 2006,Cody was sentenced by referee Counts together a juvenile. He to be ordered to stay in the custody of youth authorities till he get the age of 21. He could, however, be exit on parole in as small as 40 days indigenous the day he to be sentenced.

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Cody Posey was committed to a youth facility on till April the 2010. He was then moved to a transitional rehabilitation facility. Top top October 9th, 2010, Cody Posey"s 21st birthday, he was officially released, and is currently living somewhere amongst society.