The trunk Lift back extensor toughness test calls for the participant to lift the top body off the floor making use of the muscle of the back, and also hold that place while the elevation is measured. This check is part of the FitnessGram and Brockport check batteries.

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purpose: this test steps trunk extensor strength, flexibility and also endurance.

equipment required: gym mat, measuring an equipment (e.g. Yardstick, ruler, ice measure), marker.

pre-test: Explain the test steps to the subject. Perform screening of wellness risks and also obtain notified consent. Prepare forms and record simple information such together age, height, body weight, gender, test conditions. Execute an proper warm-up. See more details the pre-test procedures.

procedure: The target of the check is to lift the upper body turn off the floor using the muscles of the earlier and organize the position to enable for the measurement. The topic lies top top the mat in a face-down position, through toes pointed ago behind the body and hands placed under the thighs. Location a marker on the floor in line with the eye (a coin or other marker), i m sorry they must maintain focus on throughout the motion (to assist keep head in alignment). As soon as ready, the upper body is lifted off the floor, in a an extremely slow and controlled manner, to a maximum height of 12 inches. The head have to be maintained in a straight alignment through the spine. The position should be held long enough for a measure up to be made that the distance - indigenous the floor come the chin. As soon as the measurement has actually been made, the participant return to the starting position. 2 trials are allowed, v the best score recorded.

scoring: This test will be assessed together the street from the floor come the chin. The preferably score ~ above this check is 12 inches, anything over this distance is videotaped as 12 inches.

advantages: this is a basic test come perform, with minimal equipment

disadvantages: You are only able to check one person at a time, so might take a while come test big groups. Girlfriend can gain subjects to partner up, with one measuring and also one performing the test.

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comments: execute not enable students to execute ballistic, bouncing movements - all motions should it is in performed in a slow and also controlled manner. The scoring is minimal to 12 inches together it is no safe come encourage hyperextension, i beg your pardon can reason compression the the spinal discs.