What is the value of a $50 2011 Buffalo gold Tribute Coin?

Written on respectable 5, 2011, through Arch Enterprises

What is the worth of the gold Buffalo Nickel evidence by national Collector’s Mint? native Dan in St. Louis

In order to discuss your questions, us reviewed the company’s commercial on their website and uses some terminology the is confound people.

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Please check out our translate into of this TV advertisement. You have to “read in between the lines” the the commercial and catch all of the necessary bits that information.


2011 $50 gold Buffalo Tribute ProofObviously, this coin go NOT have actually a confront value that $50.00. It is a tribute proof coin that has actually no face value. They are a new only and that is why they have the right to sell them because that under $10.
Description of ORIGNIAL gold Coin “America’s purist yellow coin ever. It to be the very first one ever struck using .9999 pure 24K gold” … “Price of the original edition is going through the roof.”

They space describing the initial coin. No the replica they space selling.

This coin is just a COPY of the original. It also has the word “Copy” published on the coin.

Clad in 14 mgs. That Pure 24 KT Gold

1) Clad method that that is only plated through gold and also is made largely of some other metal

2) 14 mgs. Is precious is around $0.50 to $0.75 cents of gold value.

Read much more about the worth of 14 mgs of yellow on our previous blog post.

Distributed through the nationwide Collector’s MintDespite the official sounding name, this is a personal company. The is no an official US federal government mint. They do replicas
“With gold skyrocketing previous $1,300 an ounce, price deserve to only be guarantee for 7 days.”This is an area the could reason confusion as it implies that the industry price that gold has actually an impact on the worth of this coin. The reality is the the quantity (14 mgs) of yellow is so little that a change in the price of yellow by $100 would certainly only impact this coins gold value by 4.5 cents.

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The bottom line is that these tribute gold buffalo coins that you see advertised ~ above TV have no yellow value. World wishing come invest in gold need to not buy these coins. Think that them more like commemorative spoons or plates.