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Nanna Mercer
Mother tongues: Danish, English

wedge vs. Skein (geese)

wedge the geese (flying in a "V")

skein the geese (in flight)­e.html

A group of geese on the floor is called a gaggle; once geese paris in formation they are called a wedge or a skein.

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However, other sites point out that geese always fly in a "V" formation, so i am not getting the difference in between a wedge the geese and a skein that geese.

For expertise I have actually selected biology, however the science of birds is referred to as ornithology ;-)


No specific context. I simply need to know the difference in between a wedge of geese and a skein of geese.

G T answers will not be accepted. Thanks.

Other reason.


I have made decision that a "skein" the geese is the exactly term in this case.

Thanks because that the help. I appreciate it.

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Jonathan Ellis
Sharon S. L. Toh

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Marinus Henricus Kruissen

skein (skn)


2. A flock of geese or comparable birds in flight. See Synonyms at flock.

So a trip of birds, not necessarily in any formation, comparable to geese, is called a skien.

In formation as said would climate be a wedge the geese, or still a skien.

Geese carry out not always fly in a V- formation, they just follow each other sometimes, in one line. It relies on wind and also air problems at their trip level.

Kathy Douthit

You have probably seen this, however thought I"d ask:­s.html

At any rate, follow to them, a "skein" is geese in flight, no necessarily in a "v" formation, however a "wedge" is in "v" formation (necessarily in flight, I would certainly assume !!). In fact, i live fifty percent the time in a flyway (Utah in the US) and I have the right to attest to the fact that they perform not always fly in "v" formation.

Nanna Mercer

Thank you, Marinus, Kathy and Jane.

When you interpret for someone who knows, or have to know, the difference between a gaggle, a skein and a wedge, making use of the wrong ax while never good, is well, no cool...

Flying in "V" formation is not especially mentioned, so ns will usage the term "skein".

Thank you,


Lourdes Sanchez

I assumed something was really amiss for this reason I decided to consult through the guys at Cornell"s Ornithology lab

Dear Lourdes,

A skein is a term often used for a team of geese seen in the air. A wedge is often used for a gathering of swans fairly than geese. Both terms, however, in addition to many various other terms because that assemblages that birds, room not usually supplied by ornithologists. They often tend to usage "flock" and let authors use more colorful terms prefer a femur of chickadees or an unkindness of ravens. For much more about all our bird at

I also encourage you to visit our facebook page,, wherein there is a ar of human being who are always asking and also answering questions about birds.

Anne Hobbs

Public info Specialist

Cornell laboratory of Ornithology

Nanna Mercer

Thank you, Lourdes.

That is very kind the you. I will correct my sophisticated terminology to reflect her suggestions. Ns will also visit the FB page you mention.

I really evaluate you doing this for me.

Warm regards,


Lourdes Sanchez

my satisfied :)

Jane Lamb-Ruiz TC Master

Of course, it"s LITERARY.



Jane Lamb-Ruiz
TC Master
Mother tongue: English

formation in flight VERSUS surname for a group of geese

An Exultation of Larks (a book, really pretty, with numerous of the name for groups of animals together)....

A proud of lions

A pack of wolves

And especially for birds:

GROUP A--The adhering to group names room standard:

A bevy of quail

A ostrich of pheasants

A brood that hens

A cast of hawks

A charm of finches

A covey that partridges

A flight of swallows

A gaggle of geese

A nye of pheasants

A siege the herons

A skein that geese

A pilgrimage of dotterel

A wisp of snipe­.html

AND: it might be a wedge of any form of birds that fly in V formation. Duck for instance (wild ducks).

Kathy Douthit

Except.....a "skein" that geese is a group of geese in flight

Jane Lamb-Ruiz TC Master


In any kind of event, it is standard.

See more: Distance Between Anchorage And Fairbanks Alaska, How Far Is Fairbanks From Anchorage

The group of geese is a skein of geese.

According come the Baltimore Bird Club. It says it"s a conventional term and also does no say In Flight.

If you see a bunch the lions running, they have the right to still be a pride.

Kathy Douthit

Jane, your connect says this:

"A skein the geese "

And if a pride of lions is running, you far better make means !! :)

Nanna Mercer

Thanks, Jane, however I to be running through Kathy ~ above this one...;-)

Jane Lamb-Ruiz TC Master

Nanna, over there is a gaggle the geese (on the ground) and also a skein the geese (flying in the air) and wedge in a V formation. It boils down to the same thing due to the fact that geese always fly basically in a team in a V formation.

So what is her question?

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