Power tools have all yet conquered the modern woodworking workshop, but there’s quiet a place for hand tools. Gimlet device sets room a great example. They get the project done quick, take up very small space in the toolbox, and also are immensely satisfying come use.

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I’ve been an avid user the gimlets because that years now, and also I’d recommend anyone interested in woodworking or carpentry choose up a set. You’ll never again have to struggle come fit your power drill right into tight spaces!

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To assist you select which one is ideal for you, I placed together this perform of the best gilmet tool sets you have the right to buy online.

Keep reading for the complete list, or grab among the fast picks below. Lock won’t let friend down!

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Best gimlet tools: rapid picks

Garrett Wade stole Twist Gimlets

7-piece setVery easy to useInexpensive

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Robert Larsen Gimlet tools

4-piece setVery simple to useBetter global availability

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Best gimlet device sets:

What is a gimlet tool?


A gimlet is a little hand tool provided for boring feet in wood and also other materials. In plenty of ways, it have the right to be viewed as the precursor to contemporary drill bits.

Like drill bits, they’re typically sold in sets of four or much more gimlets. They’re substantial affordable, and if taken treatment of will certainly last a lifetime.

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They are commonly made of steel, with either a twisted steel or wooden take care of at the end. Some more modern designs also have a screwdriver-like plastic handle.

The finish of a gimlet is a screw which pulls the device deeper into the timber as it turns. This means you don’t need to apply continuous force as soon as the reduced is started. Garbage is pulled away with the spiral flutes ~ above the sides of the shaft.

A bigger version of a gimlet tool is referred to as an auger, and also has more widespread use. However, the hatchet gimlet only refers to the small handheld tool.

Best gimlet tool sets

1. Garrett Wade stole Twist Gimlets – set Of 7

For most people, this 7-piece gimlet tool set is the one come get. It has gimlets to make holes size #2 with #9 (2-5mm), and a sturdy all-steel style that will stand the check of time.

Made in France, this collection is offered by Garrett Wade and also comes in lot cheaper than many alternatives.

For less than $17 you gain a complete collection that will last a lifetime. The said, for those of girlfriend in the UK or other parts that the world, the other choices on the list can be simpler to acquire your hands on. Learn much more at the connect below.

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2. Robert Larsen Gimlet devices – collection of 4

If you don’t need or want a full gimlet device set, this smaller sized 4-piece collection is a great option.

Made native the same product as the set above, this is specifically what you require to produce pilot feet on the go. It consists of 3, 4, 5, and 6mm gimlets, which have to cover the most frequently used screw sizes.

For those of you in the US, this gimlet tool collection isn’t much cheaper than the one above, but those in the UK and also EU will find it a better buy. Learn much more at the attach below.

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3. Taytools French Gimlet 7 Piece


If you desire even more versatility, this set is basically the exact same as the an initial in the list, yet available much more widely approximately the world.

Like the walking Garrett set, it has 7 gimlets sized 2-5mm (or approximately 1/16 come 3/16 in). Although it isn’t listed, the manufacturer may even be exactly the same, as they are additionally made in France.

You won’t uncover a an ext complete gimlet tool set than this one, and also it’s still little enough come fit in her pocket.

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4. 5 piece Silverline twist Gimlet, Bradawl & Awl Set


This gimlet tool collection from Silverline has a slightly different aesthetic 보다 the standard twisted design. The blue plastic T-handles are larger, which might make it easier to grip and turn because that those with restricted hand and also wrist mobility.

The set includes three gimlet tools (3, 4, and 5mm), as well as a 3mm bradawl and also a 3mm carpenters awl.

The plastic handles might not last fairly as long as the all-steel models above, however the price just can’t it is in beat. Girlfriend can acquire this collection for less than $10 in ~ the link below.

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5. YYGJ Hand Drill Bits collection 7 in 1 hand-operated Tool


My last choose isn’t exactly a gimlet tool, however it efficiently does the very same job. This tiny 7″ hand tool has a chuck the fits bits size .6mm come 6mm, and comes with a set of 5 bits.

It isn’t rather a compact together a gimlet device set, however it’s tho remarkably small. The bits, however, are standard and don’t have actually the same screw tip, for this reason you’ll require to use a bit an ext pressure.

Also, that does not have actually the exact same screwing activity as a press drill choose or yankee screwdriver. You’ll must manually twisted it through your wrist.

This is a great option for people who want a much more versatile device to use for woodworking, carpentry, jewelry, version making, and also more.

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How go a gimlet device work?

Gimlets job-related by using light pressure and also pushing them into the wood. When the screw guideline grips the wood, you no longer need to apply pressure and can just spin the gimlet to boring deeper.

Do not use excessive downward pressure, as it can cause the gimlet come snap.

To remove the gimlet, just turn it in the opposite direction. It yes, really is that simple of a tool!

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Keep in mind, however, that gimlets may struggle to more into exceptionally difficult woods. Yes, really though, most standard drill bits will have trouble with these materials, too.

In those cases, you might want to opt for a strength or hand drill, instead.

When to be gimlets invented?

Gimlet devices have been in use since at the very least the 18th century. Nails and screws at the moment often split wood, therefore gimlets to be a way to do quick, basic pilot holes.

Augers have actually a much longer history, together they have much more uses past just making little holes.

What’s the difference in between a gimlet and also an auger?

The main difference between gimlet and auger devices is size. A gimlet is basically a smaller sized version of an auger.

Augers frequently have a much longer handle draft to be operated v two hands. This permits the device to do much bigger holes for every kinds of uses.

Wood augers have a much longer history, too. They’ve been roughly since at least the 15th century, if not lot earlier. A comparable tool design by Archimedes in 250 BCE was used to relocate water uphill.

Another form of auger, referred to as an earth auger, is used to dig holes. The blades pull dirt up together the auger spins, and powered versions space still really common today.

Is a gimlet tool much more useful than a drill bit?

Both have actually their details uses. Gimlets are an excellent for small spaces, however can be taxing to usage for an extensive amount that time.

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Drill bits are an ext versatile and also can fit in both strength drills and also hand drills, but don’t do anything on their own.

Really though, due to the fact that both are cheap it’s precious it to have actually a set of both for this reason you have actually the right tool once the time comes!

That’s it because that this overview to gimlet device sets! How has your suffer been with these handle little tools? let everyone recognize in the comments below!