What Is a Product Specification?

A Product Specification, typically referred to together a product spec, is crucial product paper that outlines vital requirements for structure a new feature, functionality, or product. Favor a blueprint, a product spec contains crucial information (e.g., target users, organization needs, goals, and other vital details) to assist guide the product team in structure a successful product.

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An effective product spec is concise, brief, and not too many technical. It should answer these crucial questions:

What room we building, and also why?What need to this brand-new product achieve?How do we measure success?

The Anatomy of a Product Spec

A usual product specification has the adhering to elements:


Why Is a Product Spec Important?

A product spec is a vital early step for product advancement as it calls for critical thinking in the initial stages of fleshing out a new idea. It effectively communicates those you’re building and for whom, and also what the outcome have to be. Additionally, it provides necessary context for those that will be arising the product. It likewise serves as a guideline because that product groups to monitor throughout the advancement process. And a really good product spec gives clarity, i m sorry streamlines development, keeps groups on track, and also helps avoid costly miscommunication.


According to the HubSpot business Blog:

“Product specifications act together the outline and also structure that your team will use as your roadmap to carry your concepts to life. Not only does creating the product specifications lull your advancement process, but it ensures the your team remains on track with the goal for the product.”

Read the Beginner’s guide to Product Specifications.

5 measures to composing a an excellent Product Spec

Follow this five crucial steps when creating your product spec:

Step 1: review Customer Feedback

Whether the in the kind of client complaints, questions, suggestions, or function requests, expertise your customers’ pains is vital in identify the problem your product intends to solve.

Step 2: Initiate internal Discussions

Create opportunities for colleagues on the product team and across the company to chime in and feel linked to the advance process. It invites a fresh, wide perspective.

Step 3: identify Product Requirements

Figure the end the requirements crucial to build the product and accomplish the preferred outcome.

Step 4: conduct User Testing

Create a prototype the your closest customers deserve to test. That will help you recognize which functions are essential and also which ones are rarely (or never) used, and additionally what triggers frustration or confusion.

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Step 5: Revise and Release

Apply the valuable insights uncovered during user testing to revise her product spec. Once you feel confident around the adjustments, send your product specifications come the advancement team to start building the product.

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