The main problem in "The Gift of the Magi" pertains to Della no having enough money to acquisition Jim a beneficial Christmas gift, which she believes he deserves.

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Jim"s trouble should not be included as part of the main problem in "The Gift of the Magi." Della is the protagonist and also the philosophy character. It is she story from beginning to end. Her dispute arises out of she motivation. She desires to buy her husband a...

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Jim"s problem should no be had as part of the main conflict in "The Gift of the Magi." Della is the protagonist and also the ideology character. That is her story from start to end. Her dispute arises out of she motivation. She desires to buy her husband a nice Christmas present because she loves that so much. 

Tomorrow would certainly be Christmas Day, and she had only $1.87 through which to buy Jim a present. She had been conserving every penny she might for months, through this result. Twenty dollars a mainly doesn"t walk far. Costs had been better than she had calculated. They constantly are. Just $1.87 come buy a present for Jim. She Jim. 

Jim"s problem is never pointed out in the story. Jim is no even present until in the direction of the end when that gets house from work. Everything that wake up in the story approximately the climax happens to Della. She doesn"t have enough money--and yet she quiet keeps wanting come buy Jim a nice present. She even knows what she would choose to get: a watch fob to affix to Jim"s beautiful pocket watch.

In attempting to settle her conflict, Della hits on the idea of marketing her beautiful hair. Impulsively she go to madame Sofronie and also sells it because that twenty dollars, just sufficient to purchase the platinum watch fob. (Note that nothing is said about any dispute Jim could be experiencing. He might not have actually had any type of conflict in ~ all but just decided to offer his clock to raise some Christmas money.)

One difficulty leads to another. Now that Della has actually sold her hair she sees the she looks an extremely strange. She is afraid that Jim will certainly be repelled by her appearance and also will cease to love her. This is the means with primary problems in stories: one conflict leads to an additional one which is even much more serious. Della"s desire come buy Jim a nice gift was a little problem, however her fear of losing him forever is a much greater problem, and also she has no way of fixing this one due to the fact that she has parted v the just thing of worth that she owned.

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She had actually a habit for saying little silent prayers about the simplest daily things, and now she whispered: “Please God, make him think ns am tho pretty.”

She did have one recourse. She might pray to God because that help. And also the conflict is resolved, apparently, as a an outcome of her prayer. It turns out that Jim not only still loves her in spite of her changed appearance, however he loves her so lot that he has parted through his many treasured product possession in order to buy she a Christmas present. Prayer can work miracles. The message is especially ideal in a Christmas story.