A favourite for riddle lovers is back: what is full of holes however still holds water? If you’re stumped, we have actually the answer for you.

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Throughout the lockdown, we’ve all done whatever we have the right to to save busy and also entertained. Unsurprisingly, points choose TV, films, cooking, gardening, gaming and also exercise have actually prstove to be a considerable assist.

Far more suddenly, on the other hand, we’ve all been enjoying and also sharing a range of riddles on social media.

There has actually been great focus on keeping fit these past couple of months, but it’s likewise vital to give your brain a workout. What much better method than an excellent few riddles?

It’s been good to see some come up through their very own recently devised examples, but you can’t really go wrong through a timeless.

Here’s one for you!


Give this riddle a go!

Right, so right here goes…

What is full of holes but still holds water?

Before scrolling dvery own to check out the answer, be sure to spend some more time reasoning about it.

It’s maybe something you discover yourself holding eextremely day.

Still haven’t acquired it?

Well, not to problem. We have actually the answer for you ideal down below.

A riddle instead of a reality today: what is complete of holes but still holds water? pic.twitter.com/ChUJrJkUzo

— Kingsmead School (

What is complete of holes but still holds water? Riddle answer

So, what is complete of holes however still holds water? The answer is a sponge!

This one’s actually a little of a classical however through so many type of riddles earlier in the limelight, we’re hardly surprised to see it return.

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Now you recognize the answer it’s worth asking your family and also friends to check out if they can guess correctly.

In the meantime, on the other hand also, we have actually yet an additional riddle for you to ponder:

“As a stone inside a tree, I’ll help your words outlive thee. But if you push me as I stand also, the more I relocate the much less I am.”

In various other news, sophisticated another riddle?