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Songs by Tamar Braxton

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Tamar Estine Braxton-Herbert (born march 17, 1977), frequently known by her maiden surname Tamar Braxton, is a Grammy-nominated American singer, talk display host, and reality television personality. She is the youngest sister of R&B singing symbol Toni Braxton. Braxton had actually her very first big break in music in 1992 as a starting member that the R&B team The Braxtons, created with her sisters. After shedding two members, The Braxtons exit their only album, So countless Ways, together a trio in 1996 together with four singles: "So many Ways", "Only Love", "The Boss", and also "Slow Flow".In 2000, Braxton started her solo career, after signing through DreamWorks Records and releasing her self-titled debut album. The album to be unsuccessful, charting in ~ number 127 ~ above the Billboard 200. That spawned two singles, "Get None" and also "If friend Don"t Wanna Love Me". The label, unsatisfied with the album"s performance, reduce Braxton native the label.In 2011, Braxton reunited with her sisters for the us tv reality present Braxton household Values. The very first season to be the #1 rated reality show on us tv, and the network notified a 13-episode second season that the show after the third episode. Braxton has operated on a number of different solo projects throughout the years, signing through labels such together Casablanca Records and also Universal Records, hoping to relax an album yet suffering delays and also cancellations. Braxton returned to the music sector after a thirteen-year break, v her 2nd album, Love and also War (2013). The album to be released through Epic Records and also was preceded by the singles, "Love and also War", "The One", and "All The method Home". The album was considered to it is in a comeback because that Braxton, as result of its success. She is currently one of the hosts of The real talk show together with Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry, Adrienne Bailon, and also Loni Love, i m sorry premiered on July 15, 2013 on 7 Fox-owned stations throughout the US. Braxton exit a single titled "Let Me Know" in October 7, 2014. On might 27, 2015 she released another solitary titled "If i Don"t have You" and also announced she upcoming album"s title, "Calling all Lovers" and also release date, July 31, 2015.Tamar Estine Braxton to be born in Severn, Maryland to Michael and also Evelyn Braxton. The youngest that the Braxtons" six children, Tamar began singing as a toddler. Evelyn, one amateur opera singer, known her children"s talents when one day, Tamar sang "Somebody give me some toilet paper!" and also her sister all joined in harmony. The Braxton children likewise would eventually enter in their church choir, whereby their father Michael Braxton was a pastor.Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and also Tamar Braxton signed their very first record address Arista documents in 1989. In 1990, they released their an initial single, "Good Life". It would certainly be your only single as a fivesome. "Good Life" was not a hit, peaking in ~ No. 79 ~ above the Billboard hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart. At the time of the single"s release, the members" age differences developed a problem with marketing. Subsequently, The Braxtons to be dropped indigenous Arista Records.In 1991, during a showcase v Antonio "L.A." Reid and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, that were in the procedure of creating LaFace Records, Toni Braxton, minus her 4 sisters, was chosen and also signed as the label"s an initial female solo artist. In ~ the time, the remaining members were told that LaFace was not looking for an additional girl group because it had just signed TLC. After Toni"s departure from the group in 1991, the remaining Braxtons members became backup singers because that Toni"s an initial U.S. Tour, music videos, and also promotional appearances. Traci, Towanda, Trina, and also Tamar to be featured in the music video clip for Toni Braxton"s 3rd single, "Seven entirety Days", from her self-titled debut album.In 1993, LaFace records A&R evil President, Bryant Reid, signed The Braxtons come LaFace. However, the team never released an album or single for the document label. When Reid moved on to work-related for Atlantic Records, he persuaded executives at LaFace to allow him take it the group to Atlantic also. It was reported in Vibe magazine the in 1995, Traci Braxton had left the team to go after a career as a youth counselor. However, it was not evidenced until a 2011 promotional figure on The Mo"Nique Show, that Traci was not permitted to sign with Atlantic because of her pregnancy at the time. In June 1996, Tamar, Trina, and Towanda changed with a brand-new album entitled So numerous Ways, which common the very same title as its command single. Released on august 13, 1996, the album peaked in ~ No. 26 top top the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. It came to be their very first and just LP. Atlantic documents A&R VP, Bryant Reid, offered as the album"s executive, management producer. At the time of that release, Reid called Billboard Magazine, "I had a vision because that them then that was around young sophistication through sex appeal." So plenty of Ways contained production native Jermaine Dupri and also Daryl Simmons along with Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and also Sean "Sep" Hall. The album likewise included a covering of Diana Ross"s fight "The Boss" and also Klymaxx"s tune "I"d Still say Yes". The Braxtons released a music video clip in order to encourage "So numerous Ways". It was directed by Cameron Casey and featured upcoming gibbs Mekhi Phifer. The trio additionally performed a remixed variation of "So numerous Ways" v rapper Jay-Z ~ above September 9, 1996 in ~ the soul Train Lady of spirit Awards. The solitary was also used together the opened track because that the soundtrack come the comedy movie High college High. "So countless Ways" go on to peak at No. 83 on the Billboard warm 100 chart in 1996, No. 22 top top the Billboard R&B Charts and number 32 top top the UK Singles chart in January 1997. The album"s 2nd single, "Only Love", was released ~ above January 25, 1997 and also peaked in ~ number 52 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop song Chart. A music video clip for this song was likewise released. A master At work-related remix variation of The Braxtons" cover of "The Boss" reached number 1 ~ above Billboard Dance/Club Play graph in early 1997. Slow circulation was the final solitary released from So numerous Ways. The peaked at No. 26 ~ above the UK Charts in July 1997, coming to be their greatest charting solitary in the UK. The Braxtons likewise served as the opened act because that Toni Braxton ~ above the european Leg that her tricks Tour in 1997. The Braxtons determined to part ways as a group after lead singer Tamar Braxton left to seek a solo career through DreamWorks records in 1998. However, the members continued to sing and also act in various other projects.Later, Tamar would accomplish up through Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, a rapper/producer (also renowned for bringing Blu Cantrell to national attention) based in Atlanta, Georgia. She videotaped her solo debut album, Ridiculous, so-named because that the many different musical layouts on the album. The album spawned two buzz singles ("Let that Go" and also "Just Cuz") in hopes of garnering attention from the public eye; however, as soon as the song failed come gain influence on urban radio outlets, the album was pushed ago and cancelled. That very same year, Tamar was featured top top Sole"s, "4 The Love that You." instead of shelving the album, Dreamworks records abandoned 3 old tracks, added brand-new ones, and renamed that Tamar. The lead solitary "Get None" was produced by Jermaine "J.D." Dupri and additionally featured rap verses indigenous him and former Jay-Z protégée Amil. The song additionally included uncredited lift vocals and also songwriting through Grammy Award-winning R&B singer Mýa. As soon as the song started to choose up airplay, Tamar announced the album would certainly be released in beforehand 2000, together a second single, "If friend Don"t Wanna Love Me". The album featured manufacturing from Missy Elliott, Tim & Bob, and also Tricky Stewart, but still peaked at number 127 ~ above the Billboard 200. As soon as the album"s 2nd single failed to gain significant radio airplay, her brand dropped her from their roster.In 2001, Tamar"s formerly unreleased song "Try Me" showed up on the soundtrack album because that the film Kingdom Come. Tamar also began to work alongside she sister Toni Braxton in a variety of songs and music video clip cameos, including the video clip for "He Wasn"t guy Enough." She performed co-wrote and background vocals ~ above songs for Toni"s albums, The warm (2000), Snowflakes (2001), more than a mrs (2002), Libra (2005) and also Pulse (2010). As soon as her sister introduced her las Vegas revue Toni Braxton: Revealed, Tamar again sang back-up until she was replaced by singer Sparkle.By 2004, Tamar was signed come Tommy Mottola"s reactivated Casablanca Records and also began work-related on her 2nd album. A "Grindin""-influenced single, "I"m Leaving," was released with a guest illustration from bang J. Together promotional remixes featuring Sheek Louch, layouts P. And Ali Vegas. Tamar would certainly release another solitary that exact same year; however, Casablanca"s shifting company landscape interfered through the procedure of perfect Tamar"s album. She later left the brand without a commercial relax to display for her work.In 2008, Braxton married Vincent Herbert. The pair had been dating due to the fact that 2003. Wedding picture of the pair emerged via numerous magazines and also made their way via the tv debut the Braxton family members Values. In 2010, Braxton signed to global Records, whereby she released a solitary "The heart In Me" in July of the year i m sorry was contained on the Adidas 2: The Music compilation. Her momentum with Universal would certainly not rise to a satisfactory level to launch a 2nd album.In January 2011, us tv shown that it had actually signed Braxton and her mother and sisters for a reality series, Braxton household Values. The display debuted April 12, 2011. Top top December 15, 2011, it was confirmed that Braxton and her husband Vincent would certainly star in their very own reality collection centered on she solo career and also their married life. In November 2011, Braxton carry out "Love Overboard" at the 2011 soul Train Awards for Lifetime accomplishment recipient Gladys Knight. In September 2012, news broke that Braxton had inked a fresh recording contract v Streamline Records, an imprint that Interscope Records started by Vincent. Later on that month, she television present Tamar & Vince premiered on we tv. The very first season features multiple scene of Tamar recording her second album.Tamar likewise guest starred in addition to her sister Trina on TV Land"s brand-new sitcom The Soul male starring Cedric The Entertainer. Tamar to be the featured model for the "Front heat Couture" collection throughout the "ELLE/Style360" NYC Fashion main event. Tamar to be co-host on Tameka Cottle"s late night talk show Tiny this evening on VH1. Basketball Wives star Tami Roman became a co-host after Braxton. Later Braxton hosted, The Culturelist, a show on BET"s sister channel Centric. Former Destiny"s son member LeToya Luckett ended up being the hold after her.Braxton announced she was pregnant v her first child on march 13, 2013, throughout an interview on an excellent Morning America promoting the brand-new season of Braxton family members Values. She offered birth to a son, Logan Vincent Herbert, top top June 6, 2013.In march 2013, it was revealed the Braxton had actually signed to Epic records ahead the the release of her 2nd album, Love and also War. The album"s lead single, the location track, to be released top top December 6, 2012. Return the single reached number one ~ above the united state iTunes chart, the peaked at number 57 top top the Billboard hot 100 and also number 13 top top the warm R&B/Hip-Hop song chart. Braxton exit "The One" together the second single from Love and War on may 7, 2013; the peaked at number 34 ~ above the warm R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart. The third single, "All The way Home," to be released respectable 21, 2013; the peaked at number 96 top top the Billboard warm 100 and number 37 top top the warm R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart. The tune was adhered to by the relax of Love and also War ~ above September 3, 2013. The album was a advertising success in the united States, marketing 114,000 duplicates in its opening week, and also debuting at number 2 on the Billboard 200 and also number one top top the top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Exterior the US, that debuted in ~ number 34 ~ above the UK R&B Albums Chart. The second season that Tamar & Vince premiered top top September 5, 2013. The second season is focused on the preparation and birth that the couple"s baby, and also her start of Love and also War. Braxton"s unique Listen Up: Tamar Braxton premiered top top Centric in September 2013.Braxton"s very first Christmas album, Winter Loversland, to be released ~ above November 11, 2013; it debuted in ~ number 43 top top the Billboard 200 through 8,000 copies sold in its very first week. In December 2013, Braxton received three nominations because that the 56th yearly Grammy Awards; ideal Urban contemporary Album because that Love and also War, and also Best R&B Song and Best R&B power for its title track. On February 25, 2014, the remix of Robin Thicke"s solitary "For the rest of my Life" which features Braxton, was released together a digital single. Season 3 that Tamar & Vince will be premiering in October 2014, and also it consists of 10 episodes as with the ahead seasons. ~ above October 6, Braxton"s brand-new single "Let Me Know" featuring rapper Future peaked in ~ #2 top top the Billboard Trending 140 chart, less than an hour ~ its premiere on Braxton"s official SoundCloud account and eventually got to #1 by 12:00 am October 7. gave the track 4 the end of 5 stars in its review of "The Best and also Worst Singles of the Week" because that the second week of October. In the very same time, Braxton, and also sisters Toni and Trina guest starred on your sister Traci"s music video "Last Call". On may 27, 2015, the single "If ns Don"t have You" to be released. Braxton"s brand-new album, Calling every Lovers, is collection to be exit July 31, 2015. Braxton possesses a four-octave coloratura soprano vocal range. She list Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and her eldest sister, Toni Braxton, as few of her influences, Mariah being her biggest influence. Braxton is the youngest that 6 siblings consisting of her sister Toni, Traci, Towanda, and also Trina, and her only brother Michael Jr. In 2003, Tamar started dating Vincent Herbert, a document executive, who she met with her sister. The pair married top top November 27, 2008. On march 13, 2013, on an excellent Morning America, she announced they to be expecting their first child. Braxton provided birth to a baby boy called Logan Vincent Herbert top top June 6, 2013. Braxton introduced a ready-to-wear clothing and also shoe line, Tamar Collection, in November 2014.Discography:Tamar (2000)Love and also War (2013)Winter Loversland (2013)Calling All lover (2015)