Matisse Andersen knew something was amiss when the purse she keeps on she dashboard in her car had moved.(

Supplied: Matisse Andersen

A Queensland woman states she is thankful her residence did not catch fire after ~ a cigarette lighter she left in her automobile exploded during a scorching job this week.

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Key points:

A Queensland woman claims her vehicle was damaged ~ a lighter she'd left inside it explodedShe is warning others to learn from she experience, speak she counts herself happy a fire wasn't startedExperts say there is constantly a danger of pressurised gadgets like lighters and also aerosols rupturing in extreme heat

Matisse Andersen parked her auto at her Gympie home on Monday, leaving a towel purse comprise the lighter on the dashboard as the temperature external hit 40 degrees.

When she returned to her vehicle the next day, that looked as if her bag had actually been moved.

"I noticed the my tiny purse that I generally keep on my dashboard to be on mine seat," multiple sclerosis Andersen said.

"I thought, 'someone's damaged in.'"

Upon closer inspection, she i found it the purse had been torn open.

"The bottom of mine purse had actually to be ripped open … so ns lifted it up to have actually a look and it had actually been totally exploded native the bottom," she said.

"The entirety front had actually been puffy off and also the gas chambers were no longer inside.

"I i found it a huge crack on my dashboard as well.

"So the lighter has exploded inside my purse with sufficient force come break open up the lining, and also the outer of the purse, and also crack my dashboard."

'It might be really serious'

Ms Andersen stated she is glad there was no flammable material nearby that could have to be ignited by the blast.


"It's not unusual at all, in fact this is actually quite a typical occurrence in Australian summers," grandfather Cannell said.

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"As the temperature walk up, the push will go significantly as well."

Mr Cannell stated as the purse was inserted on the dashboard in straight sunlight, temperatures could have topped 85 degrees, and also that other pressurised commodities are vulnerable to a comparable reaction in heat.