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Maddie Cowfer

The institution board brings new changes to grades. The schools placed a brand-new grading system in place.

With the remainder of the institution year canceled there have been changes to grading because that the brand-new marking period. The school board established brand-new rules and guidelines regarding the grading system. 

The college board has reached a decision to put a pass/fail mechanism in place.

“Pass/Fail. 59.4% is the breaking point. The crucial is a good faith effort,” Superintendent Dr. Charles Prijatelj said. 

After some time consulting others, the school, management and the college board to be able to pertained to a decision on what to do.

“We consulted with the faculty and also other education organizations to develop as fair and also appropriate a solution as possible,” Prijatelj said. 

Since students aren’t physically in school, teachers have to monitor submitted work to take it attendance.

“We have actually the capability to inspect participation through logins and turning in assignments,” Prijatelj said.

The school and also the staff are trying to adjust to this new way of school just like all of the students. 

“We space going come do every little thing we have the right to to coordinate this process. We will certainly not let youngsters be ache in this situation,” Prijatelj said.

As the institution year finishes online, it’s walking to be a change going into the next school year.

“We are making every initiative to border any negative impacts come students transitioning come the next grade level,” Prijatelj said.

Students will should give effort to online course as they would if they were in class.

“The key to getting through this instance is for anyone to put forth a solid good faith effort. Children will should login and also turn in work. Then us will have to assess that they have put soon a reasonable initiative to discover the material,” Prijatelj said.

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Administrators and also teachers are doing all they deserve to to help the student succeed..

“Our score is come get every one of our students with this crisis, for this reason that next year lock will have the ability to continue their education and learning without hindrance or penalty,” Prijatelj said. 

The new grading mechanism is miscellaneous not only the students require to get used to however the teachers as well. 

“The brand-new pass/fail grading device for the fourth marking duration is definitely different because that teachers and students alike. That is a pretty simple system. If students give their effort and complete the assignment, lock pass. If not, obviously, lock fail. I certainly prefer the normal percentage grading system, yet with the global pandemic everyone needs to adjust, and I think teachers and students space doing fine v the adjustment,” eighth-grade teacher Jennyfer Wilson said. 

Everyone is walking to have to modify their resides to adapt to finishing the end this college year. 

 “I really don’t mind to teach online, again, us all have to make transforms due come COVID-19. Wilson said. 

Assignments being graded space worth no more than ten points, so it can relieve several of the stress carried by no being taught in person. 

 “I like it since it take away a little bit of the pressure off of students throughout this difficult time and makes it a tiny easier top top the students,” eighth-grader Lily Adams said. 

The school administration took right into account exactly how students would feel throughout this brand-new time and also a method to advantage their grades.

“This grading system is great, as this new change in the education field has end up being reasonably harder, for this reason the various eases my mind when they announced the basic grading process,” Adams said.