Beginning in 2004, Dog the Bounty Hunter graced our television screens for eight glorious years, offering hours the entertainment. One actors member that appeared in almost every season of the reality series was Tim "Youngblood" Chapman, who aided Duane "Dog" Chapman in tracking down and capturing fugitives.

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Though the pair share a critical name, they’re no actually related and seem to have actually lost touch due to the fact that the show ended in 2012. In fact, we couldn’t find any information around Tim’s existing whereabouts.

The 54-year-old, who was regularly referred to together Duane’s "blood brother," happy fans once he went back to the A&E series in 2010 after a one-season hiatus. Tim defined that he decided to take part time turn off after he was arrested in January 2008.


The 3rd generation bondsman was charged v first-degree terroristic threatening and indecent exposure after policemans responded to a report that a male fondling self in a automobile parked exterior a shopping center in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

When he was asked to step out that the car, Tim got into the driver’s seat, jumped a curb near where a defense guard to be standing, and also sped off. He later on turned himself in to authorities and was initially arrested on uncertainty of second-degree check murder and also indecent exposure.

Tim’s lawyer, Brook Hart, referred to as the event a "massive misunderstanding," declare the truth star was an altering his trousers in the back of his Dodge lamb truck because he had spilled a drink ~ above himself. He said his client drove away in an effort to avoid an unfavorable publicity.

"It was merely a male who wet his pants through orange juice inadvertently and also was transforming them, law nothing wrong in ~ all and also believing he had adequate privacy to perform it," Hart stated, noting that the vehicle’s backseat windows were darkly tinted. 


Tim allegedly had actually extra clothes in the car because he had actually recently relocated out the the home he mutual with his estranged wife. The California aboriginal was exit on $11,000 bail.

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One year later, an Oahu judge discovered Tim no guilty of indecent exposure a mainly after he was acquitted top top the terroristic threatening charge. He told reporters the the trial had actually been a "waste that taxpayer money."

Though a woman testified that she experienced Tim masturbating inside his truck, the judge discovered no direct evidence to indicate that the knew she was watching and acted intentionally.

"It's to be a lengthy year," Tim stated in an interview soon after. "The just thing ns really desire to carry out right currently is — ns haven't checked out my children in two weeks — just go residence to mine children."