R&B crooner Jesse Powell, that scored one R&B/pop hit in 1999 with "You," began molding his singing style at the tender age of 7. "I had actually my an initial band then," recalls the 27-year-old

R&B crooner Jesse Powell, who scored an R&B/pop fight in 1999 through "You," began molding his singing style at the tender age of 7. "I had my first band then," recalls the 27-year-old singer. He, along with his mother, brother, and also sisters-singers/songwriters Trina and also Tamara-performed in and also around their indigenous Gary, Ind.Singer/songwriter Powell call his music a throwback to the "70s soul songs the heard and also performed in those early days, noting, "That old heart vibe sort of captures today."That vibe is the incentive behind his upcoming 3rd MCA/Silas album, "JP." The in march 6 U.S./Canada release (late February in Japan; early on summer in Europe) -- the follow-up come 1998"s " "Bout It" -- is a ballad-heavy lineup of songs written and produced by Powell with the aid of sisters Tamara and producers Tim and Bob, Shep Crawford, and Damon Thomas. Very first single "If I," co-written v Tamara, is a ballad the ponders the future of a relationship. "It"s around when you obtain to that allude where you"re not certain if the relationship"s walk forward," explains Powell. "You"re hoping it"s no over, however you"ve excellent some points that perhaps you shouldn"t have.""If I" is currently showing indicators of success at Los Angeles radio station KJLH. "Powell showcases much more of his vocal talent on this one," says program/music manager Cliff Winston. "He"s able come stretch a bit and also show what a talented vocalist that is. It"s tho early, but so much all systems seem to it is in go." To promote the set several live performances and also a video clip are planned. MCA wishes the early buzz ~ above "If I" will translate into an additional hit in the "You" vein -- specifically given that in both cases, the common denominator is Powell"s vocal talent. "In the middle of all the R&B vocalists, Jesse is absolutely one that stands out," claims Marilyn Batchelor, the label"s VP of strategic marketing. "I"m yes, really trying to continue to be true to the songs, to always be Jesse," he says. "Lots the artists and also record companies get with the huge producers simply for name"s sake. A lot of times as soon as I hear to the radio, i can"t phone call who"s to sing what since people are trying to song like other artists. However, there space some original artists out there. And if I have to be contrasted to anyone, I"d choose to be contrasted to other artists who room being themselves."Batchelor agrees, saying, "Everybody wants to do the some macho, hard-nose that looks prefer he"s around to beat someone up. Yet if that"s not what every artist is, friend can"t fake it. Every now and then the nice guy can end up first.

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