Lisa Masterson, MD, is a board-certified OB/GYN at she private exercise in Santa Monica, California. Specializing in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, adolescent gynecology, and family planning for Los Angeles residents, Dr. Masterson is best recognized in her duty as the Emmy-nominated co-host the the Emmy-winning syndicated daytime clinical talk show, “The Doctors.” She likewise has a well-known weekly lifestyle podcast, “Heath in Heels through Dr. Lisa,” available on iTunes

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Dr. Masterson’s distinct practice includes a myriad of solutions not uncovered in today’s classic gynecological medicine, paving the means for development in her field. Gynecology merges v aesthetic solutions at her ocean Oasis medical Spa, which provides customized spa treatments as well as exercise and nutrition programs that cater specifically to each phase the a woman’s life.

At the head in education, Dr. Masterson hold seminars top top adolescent sexuality because that teens and also parents and has created “Go Figure,” a workbook for young girls detailing the transforms throughout their bodies.

​Her reach stretches across borders. Striving come provide worldwide medical relief to underdeveloped regions, Dr. Masterson has created Maternal Fetal treatment International (, a charity organization specialized to make every mother and child count about the globe. MFCI brings volunteer physicians to law needy women and also children and also provides clinical supplies, equipment, and training to elevate the traditional of clinical care and also decrease the mother-child transmission of HIV/AIDS.

In enhancement to developing birthing centers in Kenya and also India, Dr. Masterson co-founded the an initial OB/GYN residency routine in every one of Sub-Saharan Africa in Eritrea. Locally, Dr. Masterson established Mobile mom Squad, which supplies education and also counseling, resources, and also prenatal exams to underserved moms and also moms-to-be.

Dr. Masterson completed her undergraduate researches at mount Holyoke college in Massachusetts and also went ~ above to complete medical college at the college of southerly California.


Dr. Masterson has appeared on “Dr. Phil,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The today Show,” “Oprah after the Show,” “Good Morning America,” “CNN headline News,” “Anderson Cooper 360,” “The late Late show With Craig Ferguson,” “The Tyra financial institutions Show,” “Good work Live,” “The various other Half,” “Berman and also Berman,” “Strictly Sex through Dr. Drew,” Lifetime’s “What have to You Do?,” “Mo’Nique,” “Rachel Ray,” “The Wendy Williams Show,” “The T.O. Show”, and also VH1’s “Smokin’ warm Talk”. Dr. Masterson has likewise performed a live C-section on discovery Live and also been featured ~ above the style Network, BET, and also every significant Los Angeles television station.

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Dr. Masterson is the proud mom of her son, Daniel, and resides in southerly California. In her spare time, she enjoys surfing and also studying French.