15 Dark keys From Hardcore Pawn You had actually No Idea around Hardcore Pawn follows the gold family, who job-related at their very own American Jewelry and also Loan. However, the family members is famous for gift controversial.

In 2010 a brand-new contender took Tru TV by storm — a show about a father, Les Gold, and his two adult kids Ashley and also Seth. It was called Hardcore Pawn. The location is a pretty noticeable play ~ above words, and also in fact, this is kind of their schtick. The Golds are well-known for controversy, so acquisition an interesting, to say the least, name fit best up your ally.

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The display is collection in the family"s native Detroit, MI. Filming happens throughout store hrs when the family and also their assorted actors of characters are around. The cast of Hardcore Pawn includes three defense guards, a large employee pool, upper supervisors (including Ashley and Seth), and also of course the zany — varying on deranged — customers.

They take off their shirts, they snatch weaves, and they kick, bite, and also swear. Your pawn shop, American Jewelry and Loan, is the Jerry Springer of fact TV (because Jerry Springer no really reality TV). Native stealing to sibling rivalry to Dr. Kevorkian’s “deathmobile,” this household puts their dysfunction top top primetime TV because that the civilization to see.

With that the end of the way, below are the 15 Dark secrets From Hardcore Pawn You had No Idea About.

In the season 5 finale of Hardcore Pawn, a manager who had actually been through the save for over twenty years was fired because that a minor infraction. His surname is affluent Pyle, and he had come to be a fan favorite on the show since the 2010 premiere.

He started working at the store right out of high college and, as soon as he was not buying others and also selling valuables, wealthy was in a absent band called SuperLast — which explains his ostentatious facial hair.

So what lugged on this suddenly firing? after a few small slip-ups once Les was in a specifically bad mood, well-off was let go in classic melodramatic Hardcore Pawn fashion.

After being let go, however, the National geographical Channel didn’t skip a beat in spreading Rich to star in your 2013 fact TV show: Meltdown the the ice cream Planet. If this opportunity only lasted a year, Rich seems to now be focusing on his music and also a clothes line, RPMGear, with partner Darren Hamilton the Detroit Muscle.

While many copycats followed the truth TV goldmine the was Pawn Stars, none also touched their success till the Golds struggle the scene. Doubters say the Hardcore Pawn is a blatant ripoff that Pawn Stars, but the items lock take vary a lot and the ton is lot different, as the Golds gift a bit much more controversial/sensationalist.

From gynaecologist test tables to gold teeth, Hardcore Pawn definitely has a vivid clientele. Pawn Stars, top top the various other hand, usually functions historical or autographed pop society items — much more along the lines of an edgier Antiques Roadshow 보다 an outtake the Maury Povich.

When a radio organize asked Les if the had any kind of relationship v the cast of Pawn Stars in 2012, their feud came up. Gold stated that the tried come visit them as soon as he remained in Vegas, but got snubbed. "We went there once, called them we were coming, and also they never waited for us," Gold said v some disdain. "I think they"re fear of us. We"re badder than they are. And an ext fit."

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, additionally known as Dr. Death, is well known for his duty as an advocate for doctor assisted suicide in the ‘90s. He brought out an approximated 130 helped suicides v his medically-equipped white 1968 Volkswagen Microbus. The valve no much longer runs and is greatly worn and also rusted out. However, the odometer reads at 18,732 miles.

Some paperwork uncovered inside the van mirrors that Kevorkian sold the auto to a Volkswagen components yard because that $150 in 1997. Les Gold and co to buy Kevorkian"s “deathmobile” for considerably much more — $20,000 native an undisclosed local businessman.

The van was preserved on layaway with constant payments being created some time but eventually ownership fell to the Golds. Shortly after, Zak Bagans of take trip Channel’s Ghost Adventures paid $32,500 for the microbus, presumably for the benefit of his show.

12 Racism and also insulting customers based on appearances

Les and also his grown youngsters have the nasty habit the insulting complicated customers based on their looks, weight, age, and also race. Race has been a specific problem, with the show being criticized because that going out of its means to make fun of black color customers who show any type of difficulty, coaching them or manipulating the clip in order to do them seem more absurd and stereotypical. Such concerns play into the racial national politics of Detroit, whereby the show is set.

Others complain that, what the camera reflects of the surrounding area is a sanitized variation of Detroit, i beg your pardon might add as cover against the gyeongju issues at work. Others claim the the “ruin porn” that the city is featured also prominently and also that it’s actually a really nice area to live in. One of two people way, no one’s happy through the show’s presentation of the Detroit community.

For any kind of reality show, one question gets asked frequently: is it faked, and also if so, how much of the is faked? There’s even a video clip of the Les and Ashley addressing the concern directly. “Our display gets filmed in ~ American Jewelry and Loan as soon as we are open up from 9:30-6, six days a week. We room 100% real. We job-related at the keep — we space real. Us are actual people, we’re no actors!”

One post in particular on The South End has actually lambasted the present for it’s manipulated footage of the bordering area, stating the the world come into a rather staged spring scenes, speak flatly and also using nervous dialogue.

It has been suggested that probably the stagey-ness is not planned beforehand and also is simply a symptom that the visibility of cameras creating affected reactions in people. However, the is difficult to know, as many reality TV mirrors are in truth scripted.

10 SO numerous physical fights through customers

if there space bodyguards on the premises to protect against things from gaining too out of hand, the customers are not shy about getting angry about disagreements among each another as well as with the staff. Weaves have actually been pulled, deals with scratched, and many a rib has been punched on camera in ~ American Jewelry and Loan. Sometimes these strikes are provoked, occasionally not.

The worst offender of all is perhaps patriarch Les yellow himself, who launched himself at a customer who sexually harassed his daughter Ashley. There have actually been other notable incidents, however, typically it involves a bodyguard standing between Les and also the customer, climate dragging the kicking aggressor out of the shop together Les it s okay in some jabs along the way.

This is not necessarily the best method to operation a reliable establishment, but everything could not be precisely as actual on the display as it shows up to be.

Ashley Gold invested nine seasons on her family’s renowned reality TV display only to leave her father and brother in bespeak to an outbreak on she own. The previous manager of the jewelry counter at American Jewelry and also Loan has actually started an online jewelry pawning business with her very own website.

In enhancement to the site, she additionally has an accompanying podcast. “It’s true, i left the pawn shop!” yellow told Detroit totally free Press. “This is mine thing currently — i’m the pawn chick. I was born and also raised in a pawn shop, ns know... Jewelry. Everyone has always seen the rough and tumble next of me, but now human being will check out a new side the me.”

She claimed that she wanted to leaving for health and wellness reasons and also so the she could spend much more time with her husband and two children. “There’s no a the majority of women in the pawn shop industry, therefore I’m sure I always stood out in that sense,” she said.

8 go Ashley leave the show due to bullying native the customers and her own family?

Ashley Gold/Broad started in the pawn organization at the period of 7, comes in through her dad to work on Saturdays when the other youngsters would walk out and also play with friends. Working v her dad in the family organization was constantly her dream, but she to be never treated with lot respect by the customers, let alone her father and also brother.

Ridiculed around her weight and her competency have plagued her interactions with customers in ~ the store and also even amongst her family. So as soon as did Ashley ultimately decide to quit? to be it as soon as customers called her sexist epitaphs and leered at her in the store?

Or perhaps when her dad favorited her cousin Karen end his very own daughter, or was it when her brother bought a billboard promising customers a discount if they acquired Ashley to quit the business? maybe she left because of all of it. Since leaving the display she’s shed a significant amount of weight also — one have the right to only assume her mental health has also improved native being out of together a toxic environment.

In a pawn shop, it’s not uncommon for disgruntled customers to try getting away through theft, and thus it’s additionally not unusual for them to be recorded selling steal merchandise. However, finding thieves amongst the staff of Hardcore Pawn is a far much more serious situation.

One member the staff, Christina, was taken far by the police in handcuffs ~ she laundered part money native the jewel counter. Another notable incident taken place to Ashley’s mortal enemy, former employee Tressa. Originally, Ashley advocated for Tressa and also was responsible for getting her rental in the very first place.

However, the connection steadily deteriorated until Tressa, quiet a brand-new hire, was caught taking items the end of the safe without permission and putting them for sale online. She no taken away in handcuffs like Christina, but it appears as if some papers were charged and also then dropped.

6 Chicago spinoff present gets canned ~ stealing controversy

The success the Hardcore Pawn caused a spinoff present called Hardcore Pawn: Chicago. The show featured the owner of royal Pawn Shop. At one point, the owners noticed the jewelry, Rolex watches, and also other valuables to be mysteriously disappearing indigenous the store.

Eventually it came out that two of your employees, Jeremy Jackson and also Karl Bell, had actually been stealing. Over $40K worth of goods were looted to pay because that gambling money, and this lot is still gift recovered.

Those aren’t the just controversies that the store had actually to face, however. At one suggest a store protection guard was found dead. Together a result of these and also other major missteps, Tru TV canceled the Cohen’s show. However, this might have likewise been because they weren"t together entertaining together the Golds.

in ~ one point, the show documented a sticky instance involving part stolen art being sold to the store for end a million dollars. Luckily, before Les closeup of the door the deal, the genuine owner that the art called in and also clarified what specifically had happened.

The story goes that Tony and also Dina, the human being trying to offer the art behind the back of the initial owner, had declared that Les to be a household friend of theirs and could acquire them a great deal top top the art (this was untrue, they had never met prior to this transaction).

With Les enthused around the arts and about to acquire it authenticated as one last step before buying, he gave them a number as a an initial step in bargaining because that the paintings. They ended up telling the initial owner that they were obtaining it for far less and also pocketed the rest of the money.

4 The Golds have faced rampant anti-semitism

that no surprised that a Jewish family has challenged some flack for your vocation as money lenders. Also the casual humiliation from a customer have the right to launch a full-scale freakout indigenous Les Gold.

Seth spoke around it in one interview v Forward, stating: “You have to understand the we’re in a service where civilization can take the end their aggressions on us, whether they usage anti-Semitic or something else. When world come here, they’re no in a good place. Lock desperate, and we can’t take it anything civilization say come heart.”

This is a diplomatic prize to counter his father’s an ext visceral reaction. However, the most an effective criticism the this household actually seems to be comes in the kind of a dialogue within the Jewish community about perpetuating such stereotypes. While Forward gave them respect, JewSchool called them an embarrassment.

Seth yellow made a statement come TMZ Sports stating the he’d pay as much as $20,000 for one of the balls in ~ the facility of the brand-new England Patriots’ “Deflategate” scandal. Together a pan of Tom Brady, he want to capitalize turn off of the controversy. Gold then went on document saying the he didn’t think the NFL would be offering those balls. Maybe this could be because they had actually a modicum that tact.

The Deflategate scandal affiliated the brand-new England Patriots deliberately inflating your balls versus the Indianapolis Colts during the 2014-2015 NFL playoffs so that they might gain one illegal advantage in the game. Seth was therefore adamant around buying these Deflategate NFL balls in order come draw in some publicity.

2 The notorious in-store sting operation

Who can forget the dramatic minute when beloved Hardcore Pawn defense guard Joel “Big Joe” Shannon was caught stealing on hidden camera? when suspicions were growing regarding how miscellaneous items were going missing in the store, Les chose that he was going to record the culprit red-handed.

A diamond ring was left together bait with a surprise camera pointed at it. Then all they had actually to do was wait and, certain enough, the next day it to be gone. So who was watched on the tape nabbing it? None other that their own head of security, large Joe. (However, Les argued that the white guard “couldn’t have actually done it.”)

Les said that, once asked outright, Joe owned as much as the crime and pulled the end an assortment of jewelry from his pocket, which estimated at end $7,000. Needless to say, Les called the cops ~ above the guy who had actually been his head of defense for three years. Joe was marched out in prior of everyone in handcuffs, disgraced and humiliated as Ashley swore in ~ him, ~ above the verge that tears.

police officers at the step say the they had been responding to a 3:30am 911 speak to only to find David Kapuscinski attack his girlfriend. As soon as they warned him, Kapuscinski still refused to comply and was tasered twice. He passed away as a result. Concern was raised regarding Kapuscinski’s mental stability after ~ a video of the attempting come intimidate Seth yellow on Hardcore Pawn surfaced from 2 years earlier.

Kapuscinski’s girl friend — that wished to remain nameless — states that she and her children loved him and also that there were no previous events of domestic violence. In fact, she asserted that her friend of 6 months had actually been loving, and supported she emotionally and also financially so that she might go ago to college.

According to the girlfriend, he wake up up indigenous a nightmare and also had a concerned breakdown, prompting what the police viewed as an attack. As for his figure on Hardcore Pawn? She says it to be a set up and also not actual at all.

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