The JabbaWockeeZ is a i know good hop run crew that is most famed for winning the very first season the the MTV truth competition, America’s ideal Dance Crew.

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Based in mountain Diego, California, the group was developed in 2004 as soon as three dancers, Joe Larot “Punkee”, Kevin Brewer “KB” and Phil Tayag “Swagger Boy” came with each other to perform as the “Three Muskee”. Well-known for their trademark gloves and masks, a tribute to the 70’s Medea Sirkas, the trio ultimately recruited kris Gatdula “Cristyle” and Rynan Paguio “Kid Rainen” right into the team. Adhering to the completion of their original lineup, they began performing together in public in 2004. Over the years, their unique style- a blend in between b-boying and popping has garnered castle a dedicated fan basic in the neighborhood dance scene. After ~ several alters to the lineup, The JabbaWockeeZ at this time consist the Kevin Brewer, Joe Laot, Jeff Nguyen, Phil Tayag, and Rynan Paguio; several of their previous members include Tony Tran, SAso Jimenez, Eddie Gutierrez, and also Randy Bernal.

In the feather of 2008, the JabbaWockeeZ jumped in ~ a substantial opportunity- they auditioned for the brand-new MTV talent competition, America’s finest Dance Crew. Having effectively impressed the judges, they soon found themselves competing against eleven various other dance groups on the show- few of which contained Kaba Modern, Live in Color, Fysh n Chicks, Femme 5, and also Full Out, and also The Movement. Making sure to put on a stunning performance during each round, the i know good hop crew buzzed through the different challenges with ease; before long, they were facing against the Boston-based run crew, standing Quo in the semi finals. Through a small bit the luck, castle ultimately emerged as the winner that the totality competition in late March of 2008. Together the winners the the show, the JabbaWockeeZ were given a cash compensation of $100,000 USD.

Since attaining reputation on America’s finest Dance Crew, the group have appeared in a number of television commercials including ones for Gatorade, Pepsi, and Ford. Together the large winners that the MTV fact talent show, they’ve also guest starred in So you Think You can Dance, America’s following Top Model, and Dancing v the Stars. Speaking that the little screen, they’ve additionally been invite on to assorted talk mirrors such as Late Night v Jimmy Fallon (2010), Lopez tonight (2010), Live! through Kelly and Michael (2010), The Bachelorette (2011), and The Ellen Degeneres display (2010). In the summer that 2013, they even performed together the backup dancers during Taylor Swift’s on stage performance at the annual Billboard Music Awards.

So what has actually the all-around talented dance crew from san Diego been up to recently? have they placed on any kind of recent performances top top stage? will certainly we be see them perform on television again at any time soon? What occurred to the JabbaWockeeZ? Where room they currently in 2018?

The background and formation of JabbaWockeeZ

Formed in 2003 in san Diego, California, the group started out together a to dance trio dubbed “Three Muskee” which included Joe Larot “Punkee”, Kevin Brewer “KB”, and Phil Tayag “Swagger Boy”. Having actually come together for your desire to dance freestyle, they were known for your glove and mask motif- a tribute to the 70’s strutting crew, Medea Sirkas. Performing ~ above the streets of the san Francisco only Area, castle befriended assorted other run crews such as MindTricks; lock two teams would later sign up with together to form the JabbaWockeeZ. Named after the Jabberwocky, a mythical creature from Lewis Caroll’s poem, the hip hop crew soon flourished to encompass b-boys kris Gatdula “Cristyle” and Rynan Paguio “Kid Rainen”. Having actually completed your lineup, the JabbaWockeeZ officially began dancing together a group in 2004; the initial team consisted of Phil, Randy, Gary, Chris, Rynan, Joe and also Kevin.

After numerous months of performing together, the team welcomed added members into their lineup- pass their full membership come eleven. After dancing off versus Kevin Brewer throughout a Los Angeles audition, Jeff Nguyen native Phoenix, joined the crew in 2004. Other enhancements include Ben Chung, Saso Jimenez, and also Eddie Gutierrez. In enhancement to their trademark masks and gloves, the JabbaWockeeZ also made themeslves well-known for their distinctive blend the b-boying and also popping- often to various self-created instrumentals occasionally referred to together Beat-Kune-Do.

The JabbaWockeeZ ~ above America’s finest Dance Crew

In 2007, the i know well hop crew tried your hand on the famous reality series, America’s obtained Talent. In spite of having put on a good performance however, the ripe members were eventually eliminated throughout the las Vegas round. Identified to attain success, castle eventually chose to shot out for yet an additional competition, this time- MTV’s America’s best Dance Crew.

The brainchild that Karen and also Howard Schwartz, America’s ideal Dance Crew is developed by Randy Jackson- a record producer that is probably most widely recognized for gift a former judge on American Idol. Originally occurred under the title World Moves, the present was held by Mario Lopez; TV personality Layla Kayleigh acted as the backstage correspondent. Command by Michael Simon, the competition run series’ initial judging panel consisted of Lil’ Mama, JC Chasez, and Shane Sparkz; various other artists were carried in as judges in the subsequent seasons.

Each season, the display invites a variety of dance crews come showcase your talents on stage for a chance to victory a cool prize that $100,00 and the coveted America’s best Dance Crew golden trophy- which attributes a b-boy performing a freeze. Every mainly on the competition, the run crews are provided a various challenge- back they frequently share a general ide or theme. At the beginning of every episode, Lopez starts off by revealing which teams are at threat for elimination and which are safe- in no specific order. The teams revealed to it is in in the bottom will then dance your routines, your fates top top the present up to the of the judges’ panel.

Unique to the show, every dance crew in the vain is given a crew banner- a representative logo that is shown during performances and also interviews. When a group is eliminated from the series, their particular banner likewise falls indigenous the optimal to the bottom that the stadium. As this happens, the crew is also given one last chance to run it the end on the stage.

The JabbaWockeeZ with the different Challenges

For the an initial season of the show- which the JabbaWockeeZ partook in, auditions for competitors were organized in four different cities, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and new York City. Following a successful try out, the i know good hop crew discovered themselves representing the West coast in the competition. As one of the many contenders for the $100,000 USD prize, they walk up versus a dozen other dance teams including automatically Response, Femme 5, Kaba Modern, Live in Color, The Movement, status Quo, and also Fysh n Chicks- every one of which represented various regions in the joined States.

For the an initial episode, i beg your pardon premiered ~ above February 7, 2008, each of the twelve groups were said to dance to a mix of your favourite songs. Because that this round, they competitors were separated into 3 groups- after your on phase performance, one is then reputed safe by the judges because that the following challenge. Grouped together with Fysh n Chicks and Live in Color, the JabbaWockeeZ danced come Timbaland’s Apologize (Feat. OneRepublic); they eventually came the end safe, as Enigma dance Kru was removed from the show.

During the second episode entitled, Music video clip Moves, each dance team was presented a various MV v a distinctive dance moves- which they have to then carry out in their own style. Because that this round, the JabbaWockeeZ danced come Ice crate by Omarion; for sure from elimination, they ultimately advanced to the following stage while Femme 5 discovered themselves departing the competition. For illustration three, the groups were told to run to a “dance craze”, all while completing various physical challenges; for JabbaWockeeZ, they to be told to produce a routine that produce an illusion that defying gravity. Together before, the san Diego-based group ultimately uncovered themselves safe from elimination.

For the next round, each of the continuing to be dance groups were told come portray a different personalities through their routine. While few of their fellow rivals were told to portray tuners, basketball players, and also vampires, the JabbaWockeeZ found themselves depicting thieves in your dance to 50 Cent’s, Ayo technology (Feat. Justin Timberlake). At the finish of the episode, Live in Color and Fysh n Chicks ended up in the bottom two, with the latter later on being eliminated.

In honor of the 25th anniversary that Michael Jackson’s studio album, Thriller, the fifth episode saw the teams performing to different tracks indigenous the disc; not just that, but they were additionally required to incorporate some of the star’s signature moves right into their performance. Selected to dance to P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), the JabbaWockieZ ultimately ended up in the peak three, safe from elimination while Fysh n Chicks’ banner dropped come the bottom the the stadium.

During the sixth episode, the rivals each had to translate a classic Broadway production into a dance routine- few of the musicals featured include Hairspray, Grease, and Dreamgirls. For JabbaWockeeZ, they danced come the Chicago hit, All that Jazz, which landing them in the height two. Having successfully progressed to the semifinals, the group found themselves going up versus Kaba Modern, and also Status Quo in a difficulty where they all had to to mark the development of street-dancing end the previous three decades. Although their performance landing them in the bottom two, they eventually pulled through and also made it to the final round i m sorry aired on television on march 27, 2008.

For the Live Finale, the JabbaWockeeZ teamed increase with Status Quo because that one final performance to Stomp the Yard instead of going head-to-head. The last episode also saw the return of the got rid of dance teams for one final local collaboration. Eventually, the JabbaWockeeZ were hailed as America’s best Dance Crew winner, i m sorry earned castle $100,000 and also the coveted gold trophy.

With your newfound fame from winning the series, the JabbaWockeeZ go on to perform in a number of shows including So friend Think You can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Live v Regis and also Kelly, and The Ellen Degeneres Show. 

What’s the JabbaWockeeZ Doing now in 2018 – recent Updates

Although their success on the present was close come ten years ago, the i know good hop crew hasn’t stopped dancing- their lineup may have adjusted a bit because they to be on America’s best Dance Crew, but they’ve continued to execute in various venues this past few years.

Just critical month, the mountain Diego-based dance team has been entertaining crowds at the MGM Grand ras Vegas. Special high tech production and also intricate dance moves, the shows which took location in so late January effectively garnered numerous audiences.

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Will they it is in organizing any type of other performances this upcoming year? We’re going come go through yes.

If you’d prefer to remain up to date with the i know well hop dance crew, you deserve to do so by following them on social media- girlfriend can uncover the JabbaWockeeZ top top Twitter or Instagram in ~