1999: The civilization braces for chaos together midnight approaches. Will computer system systems crash once the calendar switches over to 2000? although the answer turned out to be “no,” and also the so-called Y2K situation never materialized, the potential because that disaster seemed real enough in the days and also weeks leading as much as the last day of the <…>


1999: The people braces because that chaos as midnight approaches. Will computer system systems crash once the calendar switches end to 2000?

Although the price turned the end to be "no," and the so-called Y2K crisis never materialized, the potential for disaster seemed real sufficient in the days and also weeks leading approximately the last day the the 1900s. Fear within the computer system industry and the resulting media frenzy the produced definitely helped to pan the flames.

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The problem, together some witnessed it, was the older computer systems still being supplied for an essential functions might breakdown when the date switched indigenous 99 to 00, since the numeric development convention, programmed to save data using just the last two digits of any given year, wouldn't identify the logic of a century change.

As far as these computer systems were concerned, it would be 1900, no 2000. Exactly how much data can be lost as the result of this 100-year miscalculation to be the great, unanswered question.

Y2K fears to be real sufficient to make governments approximately the human being take remedial action before the event, which had the unintended benefit of in reality strengthening the existing computer infrastructure. Solution were upgraded or, as soon as they couldn't it is in replaced, were given extr backup. Billions that dollars to be spent addressing the original resource code in larger computers.

If the danger was genuine – and also there room still lot of of people roughly who say it was – then the precautions payment off. If Y2K was a type of massive paranoia – and plenty that people think that, also – climate a the majority of money to be wasted.

As for the midnight switchover itself, 1999 pass into background with barely a whimper. A few glitches to be reported here and there, but nothing catastrophic occurred. The market would it is in in dilemm soon enough, but as Jan. 1, 2000, dawned, nobody saw that one coming yet.

Source: CNN

Photo: john Koskinen, chairman the the President's board of directors on Y2K Conversion, warns reporters ~ above Dec. 31, 1999, the it's too soon to ring in the brand-new year through a celebration, as the full influence of the Year 2000 an insect is tho uncertain.Heesoon Yim/AP

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