Two-Bit, Johnny, and Ponyboy are at the drive-in movie theater through 2 Soc girls, Cherry and also Marcia. The girls do not have a way residence, because they refused to be approximately their boyfriends while they are drinking alcohol. Two-Bit convinces the girls to let him take them home in his vehicle, yet initially they have to walk to his house to pick up the auto. While they are walking, Cherry and also Ponyboy have actually a discussion around the distinctions between Socs and greasers. Cherry states it is because Socs have actually no feelings about anypoint. She thinks this is bereason they have everything they can possibly want, so they are always trying to find somepoint to make them happy. Greasers are emotional, they have actually a various set of morals than Socs. The greasers live a life complete of disappointment and also depravation. They don"t have families which offers them with the emotional and physical assistance they need, likewise they feel as if they live life looking at the society from the outside. Cherry feels it is not money, however emotions which collection the greasers apart from the Socs. But, Ponyboy also sees he and also Cherry have actually many kind of things in common, such as they both like to watch the sunrise and they both review books. He opens up to her about his feelings towards Darry. How he feels his brother does not desire him roughly and also is cold towards him and the civilization at huge. For some factor Ponyboy feels it is easy to open up approximately Cherry. He tells her about Soda"s equine, Miccrucial Mousage. The horse actually belonged to one more male, but Soda operated at the stables where the steed was boarded. Soda fell in love through the steed and had a unique connection via the horse. The steed wouldn"t listen to anyone else however Soda. Soda at this time, once he was 12-years-old, was equine crazy. Then someday the owner sold the equine, breaking Soda"s heart. While the males are walking through the girls, a blue Mustang drives previous, inside are the girls" boyfriends and some of their friends. Johnny becomes very nervous, bereason it is the very same boys that beat him up. After a while the auto stops and the boys attempt to talk the girls right into riding residence with them. After the 2 teams of boys begin to exchange insults and also threaten to fight, the girls decide to ride through them, to proccasion a fight. As she leaves, Cherry tells Ponyboy not to talk to her at college, as it deserve to just cause trouble for both of them. Later that evening Ponyboy and Johnny loss asleep in an empty lot, as they are looking at the stars. After he retransforms home two hours late, Darry end up being enraged at Ponyboy"s lack of prevalent feeling. He slaps Ponyboy in the challenge, resulting in Ponyboy to run from the house.He meets up via Johnny in a vacant lot and the two of them decide to go to the park, so Ponyboy have the right to cool dvery own before returning home. While they talk in the park, the Socs in the blue Mustang uncover the boys. They decide to make sure Johnny and Ponyboy never talk to a Socs girl aacquire. They force Ponyboy"s challenge right into a water fountain and host him underwater until he can not hold his breath any kind of much longer. He loses consciousness and comes to on the ground next to the fountain. He notices Johnny has a sick look on his challenge. In order to sheight Ponyboy from being drowned and to look for revenge for his previous beating, Johnny eliminated Bob, among the Socs. He stabbed him in the stomach via his switchblade. The two boys decide Dally deserve to assist them, because he has had actually many kind of run-ins with the law. They find him at a party at Buck Merril"s home. Dally offers them fifty dollars and also a loaded gun. He tells them to take the train to Windrixville, from tright here they are to find an abandoned church on Jay Mountain. It is right here they are to hide, until Dally have the right to come and acquire them. He states he will certainly come as shortly as it is safe for him to leave tvery own. The two boys had just that night believed of running away into the country, because they both wanted to gain away from the pressures of family members and also living as greasers. This is not the method they assumed it would certainly be in the country, riding in a freezing box auto to acquire tright here and also then hiding in an old church. They are so tired they fall asleep appropriate amethod, as soon as they reach the church. But before they reach the church, they realize the means they look and also act will make them extremely noticeable in the small tvery own of Windrixville. They understand they will must readjust their hair and also clothing, prior to they deserve to enter town to buy food to sustain them till Dally arrives. The believed of hiding out for the remainder of his life is unpleasant for Ponyboy, however going to a reformatory is even more unpleasant. He realizes Dally will certainly have to tell Darry and Sodapop what occurred and he knows he may never check out his brothers aacquire. These are remarkable difficulties for a boy of fourteen, that lost his parents only eight months prior to this night.Johnny, Ponyboy, and also Two-Bit meet some Socs girls who are sort to them. They strike up a conversation and also begin to understand also each various other a bit more. Then trouble arrives in a blue Mustang, as the girls" Socs boyfriends spot them walking dvery own the street via the greasers. The Socs leave, yet discover Johnny and also Ponyboy later, in an encounter which leads to the murder of among the Socs.

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Ponyboy and Johnny are on the run, after Johnny has murdered one of the Socs. The boys" stays have actually gone from bad to worse.