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Johnny Depp is well known for his distinct style. A little an ext bohemian 보다 your mean Hollywood A-Lister, the gibbs experiments with looks, items, and also pieces the others in his place don’t regularly try.The same have the right to be stated for his eyewear. Johnny Depp’s sunglasses selections typically have a small extra flourish. A common feature that the glasses he wears is lightly tinted lenses in a variety of colors. You can often plainly see his eyes when he put on this style. He appears to especially favor blue-tinted lens like the aviators at the bottom of this list.In this article, fine look at several of the times Johnny Depp wore great sunglasses, and show you where you deserve to either to buy the very same or a comparable style.

Fear and Loathing in las Vegas Sunglasses

Universal PicturesIn Fear and Loathing in ras Vegas, Depp goes all trippy through his sunglasses choice by picking a pair of aviator-style glasses with a cryptic one on the ridge and a pale yellow lens. They have a have a thick top-bar that helps them was standing out. The frame is called Ray-Ban Shooter yet unfortunately it seems choose the movie studio customized the glasses themselves as you deserve to only to buy the shades with consistent green lenses. Check them out by click the connect below.

The Rum Diary Sunglasses


In the Rum Diary, Depp wore a pair of sunglasses through a distinctive v-shape ridge that is reduced at the nose and higher at the temples. This provides them an virtually alien-like look. The otherworldly design is intensified by the means the lenses actually stretch out over the height bar. This are absolutely a declare pair the shades. The glasses are by a brand dubbed Renauld however they don’t appear to make sunglasses anymore, allow alone that particular design. The most comparable pair we might find is the Ray-Ban Olympian. These have actually a comparable V shape yet are lacking the lenses the extend above the ridge.

Dior Sauvage advertisement Sunglasses


In this 2015 Dior Commercial, Johnny Depp wore a pair the Wayfarer form glasses. While the is a common shape, Depp adds a twisted in the form of the irradiate blue lenses. Johnny Depp has been recognized to undertake Moscott Lemtosh glasses and they show up to the same ones as in the commercial. These are a similar shape to the glasses in the featured picture of this post. You can check them the end by clicking here.

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Randolph Aviators

Georges Biard / CC BY-SA
Georges Biard / CC BY-SADepp has actually been spotted plenty of times in Randoph aviators. He frequently pairs them through suits or an ext formal tailoring while at industy events. If aviators space a pretty usual style, Depp as soon as again place his own twist on points by selecting a pair v lightly tinted blue lens. Also, the details style the Randolph Aviators that chooses have a square shape rather than a teardrop one. Girlfriend can examine out Randolph Aviators through blue lenses at the Amazon attach below.

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