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Title: Drums, girl & dangerous Pie | Author: Jordan Sonnenblick | Genres: teenager Fiction, household Fiction, realistic Fiction | First Published: 2004

Meet 13 year old Steven Alper – he’s beginning 8th grade, loves drumming, and has a like on the cutest girl in school: Renee.

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Steven resides with his mom, dad, and also his annoying little brother: 4 year old Jeffery.

All is well.

Until it’s not, once Jeffery is diagnosed with cancer.

With their human being upended, us follow the Alpers as they together they navigate this unanticipated terrain.

And we suffer it all through Steven’s eyes.

What ns Liked

THE suggest OF VIEW

The allude of watch made the story for me.

Imagine for a second how a sibling could feel when an additional receives a scary medical diagnosis. What emotions could they feel? What might they go through? How could the household dynamics change? How might they cope?

It’s such critical point of view.


Drums is told v a generous helping of humor, i beg your pardon helped lug emotional balance come an otherwise an overwhelming topic. Steven’s brand of humor room wit and also sarcasm, 2 of mine faves.


Sonnenblick doesn’t shy away from daunting topics but addresses them head on.

He touches upon the shifting family members focus, details the Jeffrey’s clinical care, and also how each Alper is coping, among other things.

Because this is a book for teenagers that additionally tackles sensitive topic matter, that doesn’t go into too much detail. But he does give enough for friend to gain a great idea of what a person in Steven’s instance might experience.


Although Steven is a actual champ in this story, in some methods he appeared too good to it is in true. I couldn’t help but wonder if his character’s actions to be realistic.

What’s amazing is that after finishing the novel, Sonnenblick wondered the same thing (he tells united state so in the Author’s keep in mind at the end of the book).

The goods news is that he was able to breathe a sigh the relief ~ a family just like Steven’s read this book, and confirmed that he ‘…got it right’.


I rate publications based on an individual enjoyment, and also this isn’t really the publication one reads for entertainment. Due to the fact that of that ns didn’t offer Drums a star rating.

Would I review it again? hands down.

Would i recommend it? No doubt. Also moreso come anyone I believed might benefit from it.

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Even though I’m not the target audience because that this book – it’s targeted toward teens, particularly one’s in Stevens pair of shoes – I got a lot the end of it.

It offered me a glimpse right into a family dealing with cancer, and it especially gave me insight into a sibling’s experience of the situation.

I can’t speak enough around this story. If you have actually time and interest, it’s definitely worth a read, and also definitely worth her time.