Justin Bieber is no stranger to changing his hairstyle – he’s gone for every look consisting of 80s bleach blonde and also moustache, various undercut iterations, several buzz cuts, and also recently dreads. Although the does undertake a many hats, his hair is clearly an important part of his image.

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It’s same to say few of his watch haven’t dated so well, however in MFH’s opinion, these space Justin’s peak 5 hairstyles…

Christian JENTZ/Gamma-Rapho via Getty pictures
5. Sweeping fringe

The look at that introduced a thousands copy cats! Yes, it’s really boyish however on the right man a sweeping fringe can still watch good. Keep hair in good condition to get that healthy Bieber shine. Save the layout in ar with a hairspray.

However, don’t think the you need to wear your hair poker straight with this look. A 2021 upgrade would be to include a little bit of matte texture through a salt spray.

Jason Merritt/Getty photos
4. Platinum blonde next quiff

We chosen Justin Bieber’s swept to the next quiff – particularly when he had actually dyed blonde hair and also an undercut.

It’s a little bit on the undone side however it marked a turning point native his ahead looks whereby there was not a hair out of place. Style with a texturising spray or powder.

Want to try the look yourself? go to a expert colourist in stimulate to gain hair coloured safely. Protect your blonde with a neutralising purple shampoo that helps banish brassy tones.


3. Buzz cut

A bold choice, yet Justin’s buzz cut took his style to brand-new lengths (ironically). Gone was his squeaky clean pop image and instead he began to establish himself as a setter of trends, not a follower.

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Justin determined to dye his buzz reduced blonde ~ above occasion, however this look functions on every colours. If you don’t want to go all the way with a buzz cut, a fade is likewise a good choice for many hair varieties – it have the right to disguise thinning. Or ~ above the other finish of the spectrum, that can aid keep more thick hair under control.