TIME is one American iconic magazine, i beg your pardon was started in 1923 by Henry Luce. TIME magazine covers any and all impressive news amongst a vast array of topics. TIME has the world’s biggest circulation because that a weekly news magazine.

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Meaning and also history


The visual identity of among the most reputable magazines in the world has constantly been traditionally elegant and modest, based upon a single logotype, i m sorry was just slightly polished throughout the years, the editorial prefers to accent much more on that covers, 보다 on the logo, and chooses simplicity and sophistication.

1923 — 1972


The very first logo for Times was presented in 1923 and featured a classy lightweight logotype in black, enforcement in a classic typeface with its letters’ serifs put slightly diagonally and pointed. The slim elongated serifs do the totality logotype look an elaborate and tender, despite it did quiet evoke a sense of professionalism and authority.

1972 — 1977


The original logo, which was in usage by the newspaper for nearly fifty years, was redesigned in 1972, an altering its monochrome palette to red and also thickening the letters’ lines. The brand-new logo looked powerful and bright, reflecting the affect of the brand and also its trust in the info provided.

1977 — 1992


The present of the logotype to be refined and also cleaned in 1977; once the typeface was changed by the brand-new one, with more distinctive shapes. The letters became narrower, however due come the serifs enlarged they looked balanced and its letter “M” resembled the metro sign.

1992 — Today


The logo was redesigned again in 1992, by convert the serif typeface to a much more lightweight one. Though three red version of the magazine’s visual identification featured different fonts, lock all have actually a solid character and show the brand in ~ its best, gift eye-catching and also instantly recognizable.

Font and also color

The existing Time logotype is executed in a practice serif typeface, which has its sleek right lines complemented by geometric elongated serifs, which make the totality inscription unique and also strong. The typeface is nearby to such fonts as Lost&Foundry FS Century and Marcus Traianus Extra Bold, however with the shapes of the serifs modified.

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The red shade palette the Time’s visual identification is a depiction of power and also a great reputation, together with the reliability and trustworthiness that the magazine and also its gradual approach.