My wife and I are currently watching a few episodes the the Simpsons ~ above Disney plus and also she wondered out loud even if it is they'd have the 'adult' episodes on it. She's Australian and I'm from the UK, and also she claimed there were a couple of episodes end there the were M rated ago in the work that had them swearing and also one (several?) illustration that had nudity (Marge frontal nudity?). (edit i misheard, she didn't say full frontal, simply boobs)

This didn't sound right yet she's adamant that they had episodes prefer that. The closest thing that I could think of was the episode wherein Homer and Marge have public sex and also are running with the mini golf place naked, through her young mind filling in the gaps.

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The show has aired new episodes on the Fox network for its whole run. Fox doesn't display full frontal nudity (even in cartoons), and also never has.

Sorry - She's simply clarified the wasn't complete frontal, simply boobs. Don't recognize if Fox shows that.

There to be an episode wherein Marge acquired an accidental boob job and flashed an elephant to stop it from death Bart and Millhouse in a mall, however it was never frontal at all. Https://

The swearing has actually never been that bad. Simply hells and damns and also that’s it

Large Marge

"Large Marge" is the 4th episode that the fourteenth season that the American animated tv sitcom The Simpsons. It initially aired top top the Fox network in the United says on November 24, 2002. In the episode, Marge decides to acquire liposuction, reasoning that Homer go not discover her attractive anymore. However, she by chance receives breast implants, for this reason she i do not care adored by plenty of men in Springfield and becomes a model.

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In the at an early stage 2000s Channel 10 in Australia aired "Adults Only" Simpson's episodes. Some of these episodes were Weekend in ~ Burnsies when Homer it s okay prescribed weed and Natural Born Kissers when Homer and also Marge spice up their sex life.

I think this week's episode about Marge working at the marijuana save was rated TV-14. Not sure around the one in season 13 whereby Homer used clinical marijuana.

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