I"ve recently got a rainbow dragon. I bred cactus and blue fire dragons. How do you each other a double rainbow dragon?



Taken from the Dragonvale wikia:

The dual Rainbow Dragon have the right to be bred using any kind of two dragons, in either order, the contain in ~ least four different elements at the reproduction Cave/Epic breeding Island.

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The trick to doing this is making sure all the aspects of the dragons that are breeding differ from each other.

A an excellent example is flow dragon and also Sonic dragon. This combination has a possibility to create a twin rainbow dragon, and also a Olympus dragon.

Also from personal experience, I"ve got a double rainbow dragon from reproduction a Salamander dragon and a Scoria dragon.

This will most most likely take some tries, together it"s a pretty rarely dragon!

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I bred a dual rainbow dragon by reproduction a rainbow dragon and also another rainbow dragon. It worked after 2 days waiting for it to breed and another 2 days and 12 hours of waiting and also got a dual rainbow dragon.

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