Who doesn’t love a whimsical play on words? This one is perfect because that Valentine’s Day! overcome stitch this You Me Oui pattern for yourself or a Valentine’s day gift


You, Oui, Me

What carry out you do when you watch a t-shirt with a fabulous speak on it the you simply can’t gain out of her head? friend commit come it through counted overcome stitch. This details cross stitch expression is additionally a sweet, romantic Valentine’s day idea.

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You Me Oui Meaning

Parlez-vous français?

You, Me, Oui. Ns love some word play and also this to be brilliant. When you say it the end loud it sounds choose ‘you me we’, however then it method ‘you me yes’. Oui, pronounced choose we, is French for yes.

My parents both speak French, despite they didn’t teach it come me or mine sisters. My Dad lived in Belgium because that a few years and my mom studied French in college. The finest I deserve to do is counting to 10, say a few words, and sing a song about a bird. After seeing the phrase on a t-shirt my husband’s cousin to be wearing ns couldn’t acquire it out of my head.


You + Me = Oui

A fun addition to this overcome stitch would be the enhancement of a plus sign and also an equates to sign. You plus Me equals Oui. (Aka, girlfriend plus me equals yes.)

This isn’t the first time that I’ve do some fun stitched Valentine’s. I likewise have this punny embroidered Valentine’s. Take some of your favourite sweet puns, choose ‘cute together a button,’ and stitch that onto a hoop with a love made of buttons.

Back to You, Me, Oui. Us were in twin Falls, Idaho last summer visiting family members when i saw one of my husband’s cousins put on t-shirt with the phrase. ~ coming residence I couldn’t gain the expression out of my head. I knew I needed it displayed in my office.


Valentine’s day crafts aren’t just for kids. In fact, Valentine’s Day is just one of my favourite holidays to do crafts. Native Galentine’s day parties with friends to make treats for my youngsters to take to school.

Not just is the you, me, oui phrase beautiful and whimsical, but seeing it close to my desk reminds me that the trip I took where I experienced the expression as well.

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Ready come commit to You Me Oui? Download the cost-free cross stitch pattern.