Yo También car Quiero (I like You Too, in English) functions a man talking about how that waits because that his girlfriend to it is in his girlfriend. He’s constantly there because that her, he’s always helping her… but he’s never ever really in a romantic connection with her. The pains of gift in this friendzone is given glorious detail, and also is peppered just by a structure frustration- and topped off through a dog.

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Told in bittersweet monologue, this quick film captures the hurt and also joy of being an extremely close to the one friend love while no actually, well, being with the one friend love. It’s kinda sad to clock the man suffer through all his pain, yet maybe he’ll uncover happiness someday? Hah, maybe.

(This is available in up to 360p high quality on YouTube, with and without English subtitles. Here’s another short film around a man in love v his female finest friend. And here’s a short film/documentary about lesbians fallout’s for their lady friends.)

Yo También dare Quiero, top top Youtube (no subtitles)

Yo También te Quiero, top top Youtube (English subtitles)

Directed by Jack Zagha Kababie

06-10mins, Comedy, Mexico, slice of Life 2000s, English Subtitles, friendzone, Jack Zagha Kababie, monologue, No Subtitles, relationships, YouTube


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