Many human being use this expression in its an unfavorable form: it isn’t sculpted in stone. This way that every little thing the preeminence or arrangement is, it no permanent. Another common type is (not) set in stone.

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Origin of carved in Stone

Imagine if you write something in pencil on paper, or if you compose something on her computer. If you decision you desire to readjust it later, friend can conveniently erase that or delete it.

However, what if girlfriend had carved those words into stone? It would be much harder to adjust it.

In the past, together in the present, only permanent things are written in stone. One typical example is the of tombstones. This expression ended up being popular in the 1700s.

Examples of sculpted in Stone

In this conversation, a mother is make the efforts to relief her daughter that she can adjust her plans.

Daughter: Mom, I’m starting to have doubts around my wedding.

Mother: Why? what’s the matter?

Daughter: Well, together it it s okay closer and closer, ns wondering if ns really desire to be v Michael for the remainder of mine life.

Mother: Wow. It is a pretty large doubt to be having.

Daughter: i know. Yet I assumption: v it’s too late to contact off the wedding.

Mother: oh no, ns don’t think so.

Daughter: yet we currently sent the end the invitations.

Mother: Your happiness is an ext important than canceling part invitations. Friend don’t have to go with with the wedding. Naught is carved in stone. It is much better to cancel the wedding currently than to go with a divorce later.

In this example, 2 coworkers talk about breaking a tradition.

Dave: Hey, it’s Thursday. Are you ready to go to the sandwich shop?

Ben: I’m not really in the mood for sandwiches. Stop go acquire smoothies today.

Dave: we can’t! We always get sandwiches top top Thursdays.

Ben: ns know, but it’s not carved in stone. Us are totally free to adjust our plans.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an article about things patients don’t know about their doctors. It defines that many doctors act patients in different ways than one another.

This example is native an article around tips ~ above paying for a college education. It suggests that some prices room negotiable or deserve to be changed.

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Carved in stone method that something is permanent and unalterable.


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