What the scriptures says aboutWind as Symbol(From Forerunner Commentary)John 3:8Like the wind, heart is invisible. A person cannot view it move or work. However, one can see the result of what the spirit does. One have the right to see just how it acts on things—just as the wind going with a tree full of leaves. One cannot watch the wind, however everyone has seen exactly how it renders the tree"s leaves and the branches sway. Some have actually perhaps observed a strong wind hit a colony out that a tree or rip leaves or branches turn off a tree, yet not the wind itself. The is the exact same with the Spirit. The spirit moves, and we then deserve to see civilization react. The human being do things. A work-related gets done. What we see is not the spirit itself, yet the Spirit"s fruit.

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Richard T. RitenbaughThe two Witnesses (Part Four)
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John 20:22When God, in Jesus Christ, want His hands-on worker to recognize what to be going to take place on the job of Pentecost, the did no blow a dove out of His mouth—He breathed! This illustrates a great deal about whether the holy Spirit is a personality or an meaningless thing. Wind is inanimate; it has actually no personality.

John W. RitenbaughThe divine Spirit
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Acts 5:3This verse is unclear on the nature of the divine Spirit, and it have to stand in the light of verses from various other parts the the Bible before it is properly understood. Because that instance, i do not have anything in the bible is the holy Spirit presented to have manlike shape. The Father and the son are revealed to have actually body parts like us—they also sit top top thrones—but the spirit is defined to be favor wind, oil, fire, and also water.

The only shape that is ever before given is that of a dove (Matthew 3:16; note 1:10; Luke 3:22; man 1:32), and also some dispute that the soul looked like a dove yet rather in a visible form descended favor a dove. Nevertheless, the heart is never defined to have actually a humanlike shape. Man was produced in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-27), so male looks favor God. If the heart were likewise a human in a "trinity," it too would look like a man just as the Father and also Son carry out (John 14:9). Yet, at best, the Spirit had actually a dove's shape in one instance, and a man and also a dove have actually never to be mistaken because that each other.

Other verses display the apostles providing praise, glory, and also honor come the Father and also Son without discussing the spirit (Romans 1:7; ns Corinthians 1:1-4; Galatians 1:1-5; and also so on v the epistles). If it were part of the Godhead, this would certainly be a grave omission.

Many of the Spirit's qualities can be shown to originate in the father or the Son. For example, the soul is named "Comforter" in man 14:26 (KJV), yet the dad is called "the God of all comfort" in II Corinthians 1:3-4. Other examples encompass making intercession: Romans 8:26; ns Timothy 2:5; and Hebrews 7:25; and enabling spiritual understanding: i Corinthians 2:10-16 and I man 5:20.

In addition, the Spirit has no familial relationship to Christians. God is our Father and also Christ is ours Elder Brother. Paul states "Jerusalem above . . . Is the mommy of united state all" (Galatians 4:26). The Spirit, though, is not a person but a gift of God, the mind and also power the God functioning in and through us (II Timothy 1:7).

Finally, the history of the trinity theory is open knowledge. The true church never embraced the idea, and even the false church did not adopt it until three centuries after ~ Christ! even then, it was only accepted as a politics concession to the roman inn emperor, Constantine. Add these truth to its lack in the Scripture, and it is no wonder the Catholics and Protestants speak to it a mystery!

Richard T. RitenbaughLying come the holy Spirit
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