What walk Victoria mean?


as a girls" name is pronounce vic-TOR-ee-ah. That is the Latin origin, and also the definition of Victoria is "conqueror". Feminine of Victor. Victoria to be a goddess that smiled on the ancient Roman human being for countless centuries. Early Christians embraced the name, probably because of Saint Paul"s worship of "God, i beg your pardon giveth united state the victory". Imperial associations indigenous 19th-century England"s Queen Victoria and also the four-syllable pronunciation provide Victoria an air of dignity, formality and distinction. Victoria"s brief forms and nicknames are very informal by contrast. See likewise Latoya. Actress Victoria Principal.STARTS/ENDS with Vi-, -ria

ASSOCIATED with goddess, old (old), roman, saint, worship (glory), victory, 19th century, england, dignity (gracious)


VARIANTS Tori▼, Toria, Torie, Tory, Toya▼, Vic, Vicci, Vickee, Vickey▼, Vicki▼, Vickie▼, Vicky▼, Victoire, Victoriana, Victorie, Victorina, Victorine, Victory, Vika, Viki, Vikkey, Vikki▼, Vikky, Viktoria, Viktorija, Viktorina, Viktorine, Viktorka, Viqui, Vitoria, Vittoria

SEE also Ria, Vita


MASCULINE form Victor

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) middle NAME PAIRINGSVictoria Saylor (V.S.), ..

How famous is Victoria?

Victoria is a very prominent an initial name for females (#116 the end of 4276, peak 3%) and likewise a very prominent last surname for all civilization (#6401 the end of 150436, peak 4%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Victoria got to its highest possible position that #16 in the U.S. In 1999, and also is at #21 currently. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which version is better?

Tori (#824 THE ahead YEAR), Latoria, Vicky, Viktoria, Vikki, Viki, Victorine, Vicki, Vickie, Latoya, Vickey, Toya, Tory, Torie, Ria and Vita space the popular alternate forms of Victoria (#21) showing up in the peak 2000. These creates of Victoria were popular as infant names in the 1950s (USAGE that 1.1%) and also have come to be significantly much less popular since (USAGE 0.4%, 58.9% LESS).

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Similar Names

Recommended sound-alike names space Anatolia, Antonia▼, Astria, Bithia, Caitria, Cicilia, Deloria, Detria, Dimetria, Dimitria, Doria, Eionia, Eldoria (see Eldora), Eustolia, Giorgia, Gloria▼, Hilaria, Jecholia, Jecolia, Jioia, Katria, Kiandria, Kicia, Kiria, Lacoria, Latoia, Latonia▼, Loria, Maccaria, Moria, Nicia, Nicosia, Nicotia (see Nicosia), Nikolia, Octavia▲, Petria, Richia, Scotia, Sicillia, Sidonia, Socaria, Tiberia, Titania, Valaria, Vallonia, Vallorie, Valonia, Valora, Valoria, Valorie▼, Valorya, Vannora, Vanora, Velora, Vesteria, Vica, Vicentia, Vicenza, Vicenzia (see Vicenza), Vichensa (see Vicenza), Vichensia (see Vicenza), Vidonia, Vidonya (see Vidonia), Viennia, Vigilia, Vincentia, Vincenzia, Vinetia (see Venetia), Viola▼, Viona, Viridia, Vitia, Vitka, Wistaria and Wisteria. This names tend to be less generally used 보다 Victoria.