Recently who asked me what the surname Iditarod means. My an answer was something like, "Um, er ...", complied with by silence.

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After a little research I"m quiet not precisely sure what “Iditarod” means, but here"s what I"ve to be able to uncover out.

Iditarod, the town

First, Iditarod is the surname of a city in Alaska. According to Google Maps, the town of Iditarod is southwest of McGrath, south-east of Unalakleet and St. Michael, and also northeast of various other towns like holy Cross and Aniak. Follow to the announcer at the Iditarod restart in Willow, Alaska top top Sunday, the town of Iditarod is now a ghost town. The ar of the city of Iditarod is shown by the pen on this map:


The Iditarod Trail

Next, the Iditarod Trail is historically recognized as the follow taken from Seward, Alaska come Nome, Alaska. (Since the gyeongju ends in Nome, I’ll guess the the race name comes from this trail more than anything.)See this Wikipedia page for more information about the trail.

The Iditarod River

Also, the Iditarod River is a flow in Alaska.

Meaning the the surname "Iditarod" - Athabascan origins?

According to Wikipedia, the an interpretation of the word Iditarod is together follows:

Iditarod comes from the Athabascan native Haidilatna.

On a different page about the an interpretation of the surname Iditarod they write:

Iditarod is an Anglicization the the Ingalik Athabascan surname for the river, Haiditirod or Haidilatna, which is probably an English variation of the surname of a village on the river, that might have corresponded with the town called Iditarod in the 1900s.

Okay, for this reason it"s an English-ized word because that a aboriginal American name of a river, right?

Meaning the the name “Iditarod” - various other origins?

I assumed that could be the end of the story, but the official Iditarod race website uses other possibilities. Follow to them, below are other feasible meanings that the name Iditarod:

The adhering to is native an short article in the Anchorage Times following the 1973 Iditarod trace Sled Dog Race, composed by Gordon Fowler, Times sports writer: Iditarod way "clear water" and was called by the Shageluk Indians for the Iditarod River.

The complying with came from among the Anchorage records during the 1983 Iditarod follow Sled Dog Race: The word originates from the Ingalik Indian word, Haiditarod, which was the name for the river on which the town was built. It means "distant place".

And this one comes from James Kasri, Assistant Professor, university of Alaska aboriginal Language center in 1979: The surname Iditarod came from an Ingalik and also Holikachuk indigenous Hidehod because that the Iditarod River. This name means distant or remote place. This native is still well-known by elders in the towns of Shageluk, Anvik, Grayling and also Holy Cross.

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The meaning of the name Iditarod

Well, ns hope that clears things up about the definition of the name "Iditarod", for this reason glad i could help ... At least we seem to be down to a pair of possible meanings, one of two people "clear river" or "distant place".