Ted Nugent’s “Cat scrape Fever” is among those types of songs where maybe, just maybe the meaning can entirely not be understood by a child who is unaware that what the word “p*#*y” means in a colloquial sense. In other words the location is a double entendre, if you want to put it prefer that. 

There is an yes, really sickness well-known as “cat scrape fever” that you can gain from, well, being scratched by a cat. But simply to note, by and large it no anything serious.

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But the is not the condition which Ted Nugent is in reality singing about. Rather, together implied above, words “cat” in this song deserve to rather be interpreted as ‘female’, for absence of a much better explanation. And the “scratch fever” is choose a cool means of saying lust.

So once the Nuge, together he is called, claims that he has actually a serious situation of “cat scrape fever” the may have actually been offered to him by a particular lady, that’s another method of saying that he really gained the hots because that someone(s). And when conversely the exerts the he ‘gives lock cat scrape fever’, that’s indicative the his capability to turn the women on also.

What “Cat scrape Fever” is all about

So simply put, in fact this is in truth a lewd sex song. In the first verse, the singer is usually expressing his desire come score some totally free bedroom fun. In the second, the insinuates the he shed his virginity in ~ 10 years old and since then has actually been a horndog.

And in the 3rd he is bragging about his bedroom prowess and also the truth that women desire him. And the leg is touting the pleasurability of the action itself.

But again at the very least the Nuge to be considerate enough, if friend will, to make a half-hearted effort to shroud all of this behind metaphorical language. Or rather, as placed forth in ~ the beginning of this post, a child might not pick up top top the fact that he’s singing around sex.

But together for any kind of intelligent adult, much more than likely they will understand, even after one sitting, the the singer is asserting that he’s some kind of sex-related dynamo. Or stop say there’s just two methods you can interpret who bragging around their capability to “make the p***y purr v the stroke of (his) hand”.

And because that those who may be compelled to lean toward the an ext innocent, literal understanding of the term, well, they have the right to just look in ~ the cover art of this album for instance and get the impression the Nugent isn’t someone us would generally classify as a family-friendly artist.


Facts about “Cat scratch Fever”

This is the title monitor of, and also opening song from the playlist of Ted Nugent’s 3rd album. The main release day of the track, coming out via epic Records, to be on 1 may 1977.

Ted Nugent composed this song on his own. And the did manage to graph in Canada and on the Billboard hot 100, in the latter instance peaking at number 30 ~ above the list.

The song charted once again when it was extended by the heavy-metal tape Pantera in 1999, the time around appearing on Billboard’sMainstream rock Trackslisting.

And together for Ted Nugent’s actual Cat scrape Fever album, it was certified triple-platinum stateside in 2001. And when it to be released in 1977, it broke the optimal 20 of the Billboard 200.

“Cat scrape Fever”

Ted Nugent

In truth all things considered, “Cat scratch Fever” has been the most-successful album the Ted Nugent’s career. He may not be a surname you typically hear as much as music stars space concerned. But the did gain started way back in 1964, initially as part of a group known as The Amboy Dukes, before going solo in the mid-1970s.

And because going solo, in between 1975 and also 2018, he’s actually dropped 15 studio albums. So it’s like the Nuge has actually his fans, even though he may not it is in a family name.

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In truth in much more recent years, the “Motor City Madman” has perhaps become far better known together a politics activist 보다 anything else. And as you deserve to probably gather from the nature the the tune above, he no necessarily what us would refer to as a course act.

So as far as being a political figure goes, he has made part statements which we can say are less than politically correct. And even in regards to his an individual life, well, let’s just say that being infected by one incurable situation of “cat scrape fever” has acquired him into his fair re-superstructure of legitimate issues. So Nugent is much more of a countercultural artist who is known for speaking his mind and unapologetically doing his thing.