You might think you know what the expression “humor me” means, yet do friend really? back it might sound as if it has actually something to carry out with informing a joke, it actually doesn’t.

A considerable variety of the words and also phrases the we use in English might sound like one thing yet mean another. The expression “humor me” is among these expressions.

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“Humor me” is offered when questioning someone to play along or hear them out. That is meant to request that the other party enable them to indulge in sharing your idea or story. Some civilization feel that as soon as you choose to humor someone, friend placate them without considering your own opinions.

However, it’s no all bad, and there is a time and a location to use such a phrase.

Humor me for a moment as i tell you all about the origins of the phrase and also its meaning as well as how and also when to use it.

How to use the Phrase feeling Me

You’ll hardly ever hear the expression “humor me” ~ above its own. It usually comes through some variation. The human may choose to say, “humor me, why nothing you?” or “oh, come on, simply humor me!”

Here are some of the much more common variations the you will certainly come across.

Just humor Me

You’ll often uncover the phrase “humor me” used in conjunction with the word “just.”

“Just” is regularly used once making a request:

Just assist yourselves to part sandwiches.

Just wait here while ns fetch the mail.

“Just” is supposed to help a request sound an ext polite, i beg your pardon is why the is probably so frequently used v the phrase “humor me.”

Fred: Chimpanzees space the coolest pet on the planet!Earl: No way, sloths are lot cooler!Fred: Ah, come on, simply humor me!

Jack: I have to tell friend this story!Jill: What’s that about?Jack: My goldfish.Jill: Jack: just humor me, the a really an excellent story!

Humor Me With

This slim variation phrase would most likely be offered in a occupational environment.

Example 1: This business setup looks good, John, yet why nothing you humor me with the specifics?

Example 2: I favor what I watch here, Tracy. I just need girlfriend to humor me with the finer details.

In both this examples, the phrase is offered to request extr information. A human being would most most likely use the in a much more senior position.

Humor Me because that a Minute

“Humor me for a minute,” is one more slight sports on the phrase. In this instance, the human being employing the phrase provides it come ask because that a bit of flexibility.

Humor me because that a minute while i take the chicken out of the oven.

Humor me for just a second while I check on the children.

Stop Humouring Me

This is an amazing variation on the expression in which people ask you not to feeling them. This can happen if they room feeling belittled or frustrated.

Stop humoring me and tell me the truth!

Now that we’ve questioned how to usage the expression “humor me” in its various forms, other useful expressions the you could like to find out to use room “whether it be” and also “with that being said.”

Where, top top Who, and also When to use Humor Me

Like many expressions in English, the expression “humor me” has a time and also a place. There room occasions as soon as it is ideal to usage the phrase, and also others as soon as it might not be quite right.

It is generally welcomed to humor people in the adhering to instances.

Humoring Children

The phrase is often employed when taking care of children. For example, when a son tells a long, connected but unrealistic story, we feeling them by letting them finish the story without interruption or criticism.

This is due to the fact that children regularly don’t know what is real and imaginary. While lock will at some point learn, that not useful to slam them, and so we feeling them.

Child: now at school, a spacecraft full of aliens abducted our maths teacher.Parent: it is nice, dear.Child: And then they told us she was never coming back and so us didn’t have to do maths homework ever again!Parent: Oh, really?Child: Aliens rock!Parent: If you speak so.

You space unlikely come hear a boy use the expression “humor me,” but it is generally embraced that you will execute so without gift asked.

Humoring Customers

If did you do it heard the the expression, “the customer is always right,” then you have probably functioned in the customer company industry.

In this industry, world often need to humor the customer; otherwise, they could complain. This is especially true with daunting or unreasonable client who can refuse to talk rationally and calmly. You might be compelled to humor them in bespeak to acquire them to patience down.

Again, customers might not use the specific wording, but the expectation is there:

Waiter: How would certainly you like your steak?Customer: I’ll have my steak rare, please.Customer: Why is my steak rare? I said I wanted tool rare!Waiter: My mistake, I’ll be right back with her medium-rare steak.

When you encounter a an overwhelming person or someone that is behaving erratically, sometimes the best option is no to argue through them or fight them, yet just to smile and also wave.

Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Humoring larger People

Older people, such as your grandparents or yonsei relatives, are likewise often topic to humoring. We do this due to the fact that they room old, and also we carry out not want to inconvenience castle or upset them in any type of way:

Grandpa: How room you, Jack?John: the John, Grandpa.Grandpa: What girlfriend say, Jack?John: I said I’m fine, thanks.

So, in part cases, the expectation to feeling someone is there without the phrase being employed.

Humoring Your far-reaching Other

Most people who space married or have actually a far-ranging other in their stays will need to do a fair little bit of humoring. The idea walks pretty much hand-in-hand with compromise.

To do your connection successful, you may not desire to pick a fight about every tiny difference or disagreement, and so you may humor her partner.

For Example:

My husband didn’t put the restroom seat down again, yet he’s had a lengthy day, for this reason I’ll feeling him this time.

The husband believed it best, though, to humor his wife once it concerned what they watched on TV.

Above are several of the instances in i m sorry we feeling people, and we execute so for a selection of various reasons.

“Humor Me” vs. Ha-Ha Humor

Our most straightforward understanding of humor is that it is concerned comedy. When someone has actually a “good sense of humor” it way that they have the capability to laugh.

Image through StockSnap via Pixabay

Example: That girl had a wonderful sense of humor. She’s constantly laughing and telling jokes.

However, feeling can likewise be provided to explain someone’s mood and also temperament (source).

Example: My father was in poor humor critical night.

However, you may not easily recognize feeling in the latter form because it’s end up being less renowned in contemporary use. Us don’t regularly talk about someone’s “humor.”

You’ll rarely ask someone just how they are and receive the response, “Oh, ns am in an excellent humor, give thanks to you.” the sounds really old-timey.

Instead, we talk around someone’s “mood.” when we are handling the expression “humor me,” we room talking about humor in regards to mood and not in regards to comedy.

The phrase “humor me” means to agree through someone or carry out what they desire to avoid them native being angry or upset. Essentially by law this, you room “humoring them.”

Let’s watch at some examples:

It’s no that warm! undertake the pretty jersey i made you, please, simply humor me.

I relocated the table come the corner; I know it look at different, however humor me.

In English, the expression is tantamount to “do me a favor,” “please me,” “make mine day,” and “bear with me” (source).

Please do me a favor and wear your jersey.

Tell me you choose the table in the corner, do my day!

Bear v me if I conveniently run into the supermarket.

Humor vs. Humour

It’s essential to keep in mind at this point that the two words, “humor” and also “humour” have actually the very same meaning. They room slightly different due to the fact that “humor” is the American spelling, and also “humour” is the british spelling.

British English often tends to use a lot much more U’s in your words and also often change Z’s with S’s.

Why We expropriate the Phrase

Some English speakers tend not come agree through the expression ‘humor me’ as it way having to hear to something or agree with something as soon as you don’t want to.

Urban Dictionary defines it as going in addition to something stupid or pointless to do someone happy.

While this is true, the phrase still has some worth in modern-day usage. In English, you may hear the expression “keeping the peace.” This essentially method doing something simply to prevent an discussion or a fight.

We likewise use it to prevent hurting anyone’s feel or to make what they room saying it seems ~ invalid or no worth hearing. At heart, most people are “people pleasers” and also we don’t desire to hurt rather or make them feel poor intentionally.

This is just one of the factors we expropriate the phrase “humor me.” It’s since we don’t desire to placed someone in a poor mood, particularly if it’s not worth the fight.

The expression “humor me” is a method of maintaining good humor. It’s the main reason why we accept the phrase as soon as we hear it and behave together expected.

Throughout this article, we’ve been exploring the expression “humor me.” However, over there are additionally variations in exactly how the expression is used.

Humor: A brief History

Way earlier in the day, physiologists determined that people were comprised of four various liquids that offered us our physical appearance and also temperament. These four liquids were known as “humors” (source).

The four humors included blood, phlegm, choler (yellow bile), and also melancholy (black bile). The ancients perceived them as connected with the 4 seasons of the year as well as the earth’s 4 elements, earth, air, fire, and water.

The physiologists theorized the every human was comprised of various quantities of each humor. However, it was assumed that a human who had equal amounts of all 4 humors would be ideal.

Based top top the 4 humors in physiology, the ancients thought there come be 4 main personality species (source).


If someone had too much blood, lock were recognized as sanguine. The ancients thought the liver developed blood, which supposed that world with this temperament presented hopefulness, happiness, courage, and optimism.


Someone through an excess of phlegm was well-known as phlegmatic. They considered phlegmatic human being calmer, although more apathetic, due to the fact that they linked both the lungs and also the mind with phlegm production.


A choleric temperament was associated with an excess of yellow bile in the make-up that a person. Yellow bile was believed to be created by the spleen. Someone through a choleric temperament often tended to be angrier and also prone come outbursts the frustration.


A melancholic person was thought to have an overfill of black color bile. Black color bile was believed to be developed by the gallbladder. The qualities of one imbalance in this temperament were significant depression and also anxiety.

Having much more of one humor than one more could an outcome in a psychological imbalance or cause someone to be unreasonable. Frequently physicians would “bleed” a sick person in the really hopes of developing a far better balance between the 4 humors.

This is why, in the 16th Century, words “humor” pertained to mean someone’s mood. In order to be healthy, one essential to maintain a balance in between all 4 humors (source).

Final Thoughts

Thank you for humoring me while i told you all you must know about the expression “humor me,” and also when to use it and also why.

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While the expression is not as typical as some comparable expressions choose “do me a favor” and also “bear through me,” it is still an interesting expression with a fascinating history.