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What go Michael Mean?

Are you searching for a classic, polished name for your baby boy? Michael is a strong option to consider.

Michael was an initial derived indigenous the name Mikha’el, definition “who is like God?” in Hebrew. This rhetorical concern was posed come reiterate no person was choose God.

In Hebrew tradition, Michael was among the archangels. Michael is detailed as the only archangel in the Bible, whereby he appears in the Old Testament’s book of Daniel as a protector that Israel. 

The saint’s popularity brought the name Michael to prominence centuries ago. Michael has been frequently used in west Europe due to the fact that the middle Ages and also in England because the 12th century.

Origin: The name Michael is the Hebrew origin and way “who is prefer God?” or “gift indigenous God.” the is discovered in the Old Testament, especially in the publication of Daniel.Gender: Michael is historically the masculine form of the name. Feminine variations, such together Michelle, Michaela, or Mila, are common.Pronunciation: mye-kehl

Although many baby names room separated by gender, Verywell family believes the sex does not must play a function in her name choice process. It’s essential to pick a name the you feel suits your new baby the best.

How popular Is the surname Michael?

The name Michael was generally used for emperors, kings, and also saints. Michael is an ever-popular surname that has actually consistently ranked in the top-100 for boys over the previous century.

Michael enjoyed an extraordinary run in popular in the U.S. Indigenous 1954 to 2008, often ranking in the very first or second spot. The name remained in the optimal 10 till 2017, when it ranked 12. In 2020, Michael also ranked as the 12th most well-known name for guys in America.

While the surname is sometimes used for baby girls, the does no rank in the 1000 most commonly used names because that girls.

surname Variations

As it is a biblical name, Michael has an tantamount in basically every well-known language. These variations include:

Mihály (Hungarian)Mícheál (Gaelic)Michal (Polish)Mihail (Rumanian)Mikel (Swedish)Mihangel (Welsh)Mícheál (Irish)Miguel (Portuguese)Mikkel (Danish, Norweigian)Micheil (Gaelic)
Mike: says a robust and athletic persona, such as boxer Mike Tyson, or American television personality Mike Rowe. This shorthand variation of Michael dates ago to the 1800s and is a generally used nickname because that Michael.  Mikey: A lesser-used nickname v a more playful undertone. Many boys who are dubbed Mikey will flourish into the nickname Mike as they acquire older. This nickname to be made well-known in the 1970s once actor man Gilchrist play a young boy named Mikey in the Life grain commercials. The lover advertisements spawned the catchphrase, “Mikey Likes It.” 

Famous world Named Michael

Notable Michaels in the U.S., like preacher Michael Blackwell and also philanthropist Michael Drescher, represent the biblical Michael’s commitment come duty and also leadership. The name Michael is likewise associated with differentiated American political leaders such as Michael Dukakis, Michael Patrick Flanagan, and also Michael Pence.

famous Michaels:

Michael Bublé, Canadian singerMichael J. Fox, Canadian-American actorMichael Jordan, NBA basketball playerMichael Kors, American fashion designerMichael Palin, british comedianMichael Phelps, American swimmer

famous Mikes:

Mike Ditka, NFL player, coach, and also commentatorMike Meyers, Canadian actorMike Oliver, brothers sociologist and disability advocateMike Piazza, American baseball playerMike Tyson, American boxer

renowned Mikeys:

Mikey Ambrose, American football playerMikey Boyle, Irish hurlerMikey Chung, Jamaican musician and record producerMikey Craig, English musicianMikey Robins, Australian media personality, comedian, and writerMikey Walsh, brother writer and LGBTQ activist

fictitious Michaels/Mikes/Mikeys:

Michael Meyers, HalloweenMichael Scott, The OfficeMike Seaver, Growing PainsMike Wheeler, Stranger ThingsLittle Mikey, Life cereal commercials

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