Christos is a common Greek male name. Although basically linked with the Christian Religion and also Christ, the origins of the name lie ~ above the ancient Greek language, due to the fact that there is the word “hrio” (χρίω) which method “to anoint”. Christ is, thus, the Anointed one.

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Name Christos deserve to be spelled together Hristos as well, i m sorry is closer come the Greek assignment of the word. There has actually been lately part controversy around the right method to spell the name in Greek as well, due to the fact that the selection of vocals in the Greek language renders it difficult to agree ~ above a certain spelling some times. This particular day it is possible to view name Christos in different spellings in Greek – Χρήστος or Χρίστος.

Sound of name Christos: Chreé-stos (opposite native Christos-Christ whose surname sounds prefer Chree-stós)

Female version of surname Christos: Christina or Hristina

Nameday of surname Christos: 25th the December, Christmas day

Origin of name Christos – Jesus Christ

Although surname Christos comes from the old Greek Language, it ended up being popular and commonly offered towards the late Christian years, after ~ Christ and his story came to be widely known and also taught by the Apostles and other followers of the brand-new religion. For the Greek Orthodox Church, name Christos is connected with Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the Christian World. Both the birth and also resurrection the Christ are commemorated by the Greek Orthodox Church, and although there is much controversy about the real date of Christ’s birth date , the 25th the December is favored as the date celebrated by the Western countries as the birth date of Jesus. This is the date commemorated by the Greek Orthodox Church – the only Orthodox country celebrating Christmas on the date. Therefore, Christos celebrates his name day top top Christmas day.

Nicknames deriving from surname Christos

Christos functions just a couple of nicknames and diminutives; the most typical ones are: Chris, Christakis, Christakos, Takis, Akis, Kristis, Christis.

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The Names’ Fairy reveals for surname Christos

Christos is quite stubborn and wants to execute things he likes the most, without considering other people’s desire or demands some times. Christos is a guy that will seldom accept he has made a mistake and will not apologize in the situation he did something wrong, however will shot to defend his choices and also actions as much as possible.

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Hi, ns really appreciate the job-related that has actually been excellent on the website and consider that a very beneficial database because that Greek names.However, through the surname Christos, ns am rather confident you have made a mistake. Christos (Χρήστος) has no link with the various other Christos (Χριστός); the former is the surname used commonly in greek whereas the second means Christ – the anointed one, as the root of that word indeed originates from the Greek verb “to anoint”.However, the very first name has its own unique meaning, “splendid” or wonderful in old Greek. Back the two i’s space pronounced an in similar way in modern Greek, this was no the situation in ancient Greek, not to cite the tone.I recognize that misunderstandings may happen when translating into the Latin alphabet!